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Growing Cybersecurity Threats in the Atlantic: What’s the Plan?

Tim Ridout | Thu, 02 June 2016

This podcast is performed by Tim Ridout. Cybersecurity threats continue to increase as more electronic devices and systems connect to the Internet. Aside from hackers directly penetrating systems to steal information or disrupt services, the speed and ease with which people can communicate has enabled terrorist organizations to recruit fighters and spread their messages on a greater scale. The technical complexity of cyberspace (i.e. globally networked electronics) and the social changes it brings makes policy discussions very difficult, especially between different professional communities.
But strategies and plans are being developed to manage these new threats around the Atlantic space and the rest of the world. The United States is engaging with a host of partner countries to share information and expertise even as it develops its own cyber strategy. In Latin America, cyber threats tend to be related to organized crime, whereas the United States and Europe also worry about threats to critical infrastructure such as electric grids. In Africa, many countries are less reliant on cyberspace, which protects them from vulnerabilities, but increasing use of mobile devices for communication and payment will bring with them greater security and criminal threats. This briefing will give a quick overview of the challenges of cyberspace and will discuss how some countries in the Atlantic are addressing these new threats.

Pierre-Noel Girauld - Marché des matières premières : vers une nouvelle ère ?

Pierre-Noel Girauld | Thu, 02 June 2016

Ce podcast est délivré par Pierre-Noel Girauld. Il est Professeur d’économie à Mines ParisTech et à Paris Dauphine. Membre fondateur de l’Académie des Technologies, membre du Conseil Scientifique d’EDF et d’Orange et membre du Conseil d’Areva NC.

Jeffrey A. Frankel - What makes a robust fiscal policy?

Jeffrey Alexander Frankel | Wed, 01 June 2016

This podcast is performed by Jeffrey Alexander Frankel. He is professor of Capital Formation and Growth at Harvard University's Kennedy School;

Christophe Gouel – Commerce et prix des matières premières agricoles

Christophe Gouel | Mon, 30 May 2016

Ce podcast est délivré par Christophe Gouel. La volatilité des prix des denrées alimentaires a-t-elle des répercussions sur les politiques commerciales des pays ?
Christophe Gouel est docteur en économie de l’école Polytechnique, il est économiste à l’institut national de la recherche agro économique (INRA) et au centre de recherche « CEPII ». Ces recherches portent principalement sur les problématiques liées aux politiques commerciales et aux politiques agricoles.

Central Asia and the Evolving Eurasian Architecture

Nicolás de Pedro | Tue, 24 May 2016

This podcast is performed by Nicolás de Pedro. Central Asia is back on great powers’ agenda. The region plays a primary and decisive role in both China’s Silk Road Project and Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union. During the presentation, both projects’ impact and prospects in Central Asia will be analyzed and the general juncture of the region as well including the role and perspectives of the US, the European Union and other relevant regional stakeholders.