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    10:00 am September 2023
    In the battle against climate change and our pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, green hydrogen and renewable energy are pivotal. These technologies offer the promise of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and meeting ambitious sustainability targets. However, their success hinges on addressing a host of opportunities and challenges, from advancing technology and market growth to shaping suppor…
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    3:00 pm September 2023
    Webinar organized by the World Bank Group   Karim El Aynaoui, Executive President of the Policy Center for the New South, is a featured speaker at the online panel under the theme: "Informality in MENA: A Pressing Issue for Inclusive Growth”. This online convening, organized by the World Bank Group, delves into the pressing issues surrounding informality in the MENA region and its impact on inc…
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    12:00 pm September 2023
    * Find English version below L’espace atlantique africain constitue un espace stratégique pour les collectivités nationales qui le constituent aussi bien que pour un certain nombre de puissances et partenaires internationaux. Vivier démographique, il concentre nombre des principales économies du continent africain, et présente un potentiel considérable en termes de construction de solidarités int…
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    9:00 am October 2023


    6:00 pm October 2023
    The current times of uncertainty, of economic disruptions, of environmental emergency but also of geopolitics crisis has led to a fragmented and changing world in which the dynamics we have known for several years has now drastically changed becoming “more fragmented, more tensed, more on the edge and more under stress”. World leaders may not agree on much these days – but many of them share the…
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    2:30 pm October 2023


    8:00 pm October 2023
    Improving Governance to tackle Climate Change, Inequality and Global Fragmentation The Emerging Markets Forum is organizing the 16th edition of its Global Meetings in the city of Marrakech in partnership with the Policy Center for the New South, on the sidelines of the annual meetings of the WB and the IMF. The Global Meeting provides an annual opportunity to engage in discussions about the chal…
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    9:00 am December 2023


    5:00 pm December 2023
    Location : Marrakech, Morocco Closed Event – By invitation only   The Policy Center for the New South will be holding the 12th edition of The Atlantic Dialogues, its annual high-level international conference, from December 14th to 16th in Marrakech, Morocco. The Atlantic Dialogues is an annual high-level gathering of influential public and private sectors leaders from around the Atlantic Basin…