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    10:30 am May 2022


    5:00 pm May 2022
    The German Marshall Fund of the United States, in partnership with the Policy Center for the New South (PCNS), the Compagnia di San Paolo, the Alexander Philon Fund for Transatlantic Partnership, and in cooperation with Thetis, will hold the next Mediterranean Strategy Group (MSG) meeting in Venice, 23-26 May, 2022. The MSG, now in its 22nd edition, is the leading transatlantic dialogue on Medite…
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    3:00 pm May 2022
    Closed workshop The Policy Center for the New South in partnership with the Global Network on Extremism & Technology are organizing a closed workshop titled “OSINT and Counter-Terrorism: Access to Data and (AI) Technologies in Africa”, on May 18th, 2022. In a modern and digitalized world characterized by an ever-growing amount of data shared and available online, Open-Source Intelligence bec…
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    2:00 pm June 2022
    Amal El Ouassif, International Relations Specialist at the Policy Center for the New South, will participate to the panel : “Climate Change: Human Security and Migration Nexus” within the event “ The Sahel – Mediterranean Compendium Workshop” in Casablanca June 14th and 15th 2022. The event aiming to share perspectives on the current security situation and future obstacles in the region is co-orga…
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    9:00 am July 2022


    6:00 pm July 2022
    Africa in times of global uncertainty Russia's military intervention in Ukraine, starting 24 February 2022, has very quickly become a crucial international event in the post-Cold War era. While not discounting its human cost, the significance of this conflict lies in the multitude of protagonists directly and/or indirectly involved, as well as in its considerable, albeit not yet sufficiently quan…