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  • May 6, 2022
    The war in Ukraine ignited fierce opposition on grounds of principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity. Populations weighed in the balance of power. Yet, for principles invoked against Russia to find universal resonance, the West should ensure it acts in accordance with these principles. Global solidarity implies treating all peoples equally. ...
  • May 6, 2022
    La guerre d’Ukraine a suscité une vive réprobation au nom des principes de souveraineté et d’intégrité territoriale. Les populations ont pesé dans le rapport de force. Néanmoins, pour que les principes invoqués contre la Russie puissent nourrir un consensus universel, l’Occident devra lui-même agir en conformité avec eux. Une solidarité planétaire suppose de traiter tous les peuples de la même manière. ...
  • April 27, 2022
    Le retrait des troupes américaines d’Afghanistan et la reconquête, rapide et sans résistance notable, du pouvoir par les Talibans, a ouvert un nouveau chapitre dans l’histoire particulièrement tumultueuse de ce pays. La mise en oeuvre de la décision américaine a suscité des remous sur le plan interne et des critiques sur le plan extérieur, particulièrement de la part des alliés et des partenaires de Washington. Les engagements pris par les Talibans en vertu de l’Accord signé le 29 f ...
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    April 26, 2022
    As China’s presence has expanded into the Horn of Africa, Somaliland has opted to distance itself from Beijing and presented itself as a democratic ally of the West – and Taiwan. On March 17, 2022, three Republican Congressmen introduced a bill titled the “Somaliland Partnership Act,” requiring the American Secretary of State to submit annual reports to Congress on assistance provided to Somaliland and conduct a feasibility study on establishing a security partnership with Somalilan ...
  • March 25, 2022
    The debate around the use of private military and security companies is deeply polarized, with some authors portraying such military contractors as ‘messiahs’, praising their efficiency i ...
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    February 17, 2022
    Their boat-if you name a large rubber pumped up like a giant tire, was rocked by waves, and the engine halted its movements. On November 24, all the 29 passengers tried to reach coastguard stations in France and England via their cell phones few minutes between life and death. No one answered, and when finally contact was established by another, still floating migrant boat, witnessing the tragedy in the making (New York Times December 14, 2021), they were asked to pinpoint their l ...
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    December 8, 2021
    The Polish memory of oppression, occupation, the holocaust, Nazi occupation, and communist dictators is burned into the national soul and conscience. A Polish born Pope, Jean Paul II, supported the long national struggle for freedom, giving faith to Poland’s 38 million citizens, mainly Catholic. Freedom turned into a national treasure. Membership of the European Union, achieved in May 2004, promised a path towards social justice, wealth, and global acceptance of their abused homela ...
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    Sabine Cessou
    December 7, 2021
    This impact-driven young Peruvian legal scholar studies and advocates for the redesign of Corporate Law internationally through innovation for sustainable development. What does that mean exactly? After graduating from Harvard Law School (LL.M.’19), Juan Diego Mujica Filippi has been working as academic coordinator of an international research project on purpose-driven companies and the regulation of the fourth sector sponsored by the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB, base ...
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    November 22, 2021
    Richard Blumenthal, the US Democratic Senator from Connecticut, was shaken by the testimonies of top officials of the Department of Justice during the August 2021 Congressional hearings. The Officials recounted how the former President, Donald Trump, through phone and in private meetings, pressured them to falsify the results of the November 2020 Presidential: "say that the election was corrupt and leave the rest to the congressmen and me". (”Mother Jones”, July 30, 2021) Blumenthal ...
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    November 15, 2021
    Hisham Aidi chose a diplomatic version for fading freedom, growing populism, mental torture, perversion of truth and imprisonment- turning his Policy Brief "Covid-19 and Digital Repression in Africa" to "democratic retrenchment" and "imperial overreach". No mention of George Orwell's "Science fiction "oeuvre, of which George Parker wrote in "The Atlantic" ( July 2019°): "No novel of the past century has had more influence than George Orwell's "1984". Possibly Aidi did not detect an ...
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    November 1, 2021
    Some of the golden Buddhas seemed to smile; many of the 2200 pagodas and temples surviving in the ancient city were fighting the damage of time and earthquakes. The road we took from historic Bagan to Mandalay, 178 kilometers away had more holes than a Swiss cheese, and the driver was as reluctant as a Trappist monk to answer my questions. When I noticed a group of destitute, drawn looking men, pale faces and hollow cheeks, cutting trees and moving giant rocks by hand towards trucks ...
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    Pascal Chaigneau
    Eugène Berg
    Rodolphe Monnet
    Jacques Gravereau
    Jérémy Ghez
    Olivier Tramond
    Niagalé Bagayoko
    Alain Oudot de Dainville
    Jérôme Evrard
    Coordination de l’ouvrage: Imane Lahrich
    Fatine Cherkaoui
    October 28, 2021
    Depuis l’accession au trône du Roi Mohammed VI, l’Afrique s’est transformée en priorité de la diplomatie marocaine. Sur le plan économique, l’Afrique est devenue le prolongement naturel du Maroc en termes d’investissements et d’implantations. Pascal Chaigneau s’attarde sur les relations affaiblies Europe-Afrique, l’ambitieuse relation Chine-Afrique ainsi que les relations entre la Russie, les Etats-Unis, la Turquie ou encore les pays du Golf et l’Afrique. Ce chapitre traite égalemen ...
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    January 21, 2021
    In the Western Sahara Advisory Opinion, formal questions specifically requested by the General Assembly were only on terra nullius and ‘legal ties’ at the time of Spain’s colonization of the Saharan Provinces. however, two other issues, which had not been specifically requested, were added to the formal question of ‘legal ties.” The additional issues concern the right to self- determination and ‘territorial sovereignty.’ The statements on additional issues have recently been referre ...
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    January 20, 2021
    The self-declared Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic’s (SADR) declaration on the Guerguerat crisis, in November 2020, to terminate the 1991 ceasefire agreement and go to war with Morocco raises a problem regarding the legality of third States granting State recognition to the self-declared SADR. International law imposes an obligation on third States to not grant ‘premature recognition.’ Moreover, premature recognition would constitute illegal intervention in the internal affairs of t ...
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    Abdessalam Jaldi
    November 30, 2020
    Le suspens électoral américain s’est achevé le samedi 7 septembre par la victoire du candidat démocrate Joe Biden comme 46ème président des Etats-Unis, en franchissant la barre fatidique des 270 grands électeurs lui garantissant la victoire le 14 décembre prochain au sein du Collège électoral. Néanmoins, le président sortant Donald Trump, refusant de reconnaître le verdict des urnes, semble déterminé à poursuivre son bras de fer judiciaire engagé devant les tribunaux pour contester ...