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Housing Policies in Africa and Brazil: The role of PPPs for low-income housing

Marcus Vinicius de Freitas | Thu, 27 April 2017

This podcast is performed by Mr. Marcus Vinicius de Freitas. The purpose of this Podcast is to discuss how to deal with decreasing government funds for public housing through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), to address the challenges of public housing needs, and how governmental programs may at times crowd out private interest in public housing, through PPPs.

The Mist of Central Bank Balance Sheets

Otaviano Canuto | Mon, 24 April 2017

This podcast is performed by Mr. Otaviano Canuto. Central banks of large advanced and many emerging market economies have recently gone through a period of extraordinary expansion of balance sheets and are all now possibly facing a transition to less abnormal times. However, the fact that one group is comprised by global reserve issuers and the other by bystanders receiving impacts of the former’s policies carries substantively different implications. Furthermore, using Brazil and the U.S. as examples, Mr. Canuto illustrates how the relationships between central bank and public sector balance sheets have acquired higher levels of complexity, risks and opacity.

Input output and Computable General Equilibrium models

Eduardo Amaral Haddad | Mon, 24 April 2017

This podcast is presented by Pr. Eduardo Amaral Haddad. Specialist in regional economics, the professor deliver his thoughts about the relevance of developing a spatial tool in morocco, in order to be able to assess and perform impact analysis over inter regional integration within the country. Based on a leading experience in Brazil, M. Eduardo emphasized the role of such tool to assist policy makers in their decision at a regional level, given the fact that morocco is heading towards a more decentralized governance system, where regions are at the heart of the new governance model.

David Humphrey’s Outlook for the Mining Industry

David Humphrey | Fri, 17 March 2017

This podcast is performed by Mr. David Humphrey. Mineral economics comprises a wide range of issues relating to the mineral sector. These include pure economics topics such as prices, costs, and productivity, as well as public policy issues such as scarcity, conservation and depletion, and finally aspects of geology, mining and technology. The purpose of this podcast is to describe the discipline of mineral economics and its various tools in evaluating the mineral industry from both a public and private sector perspective. In addition, the podcast try to give an outlook for the mining industry as of now.

Evolution de la géopolitique de l'énergie dans un contexte mondial incertain

Francis Perrin | Fri, 30 December 2016

Ce podcast est présenté par M. Francis Perrin. Il traite des principaux acteurs des industries mondiales du pétrole et du gaz, explique pourquoi le secteur de l’énergie est au cœur des enjeux géopolitiques mondiaux et met en exergue les nouveaux défis que rencontre ce secteur.