AD 2021: Rebuilding an Inclusive Post-Covid Social Contract

November 12, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed flaws in healthcare systems around the world. Despite the inequalities between the different countries in the strength of these systems and the social safety nets, the common observation is that we must rethink social contracts and the relationship between states and their citizens. This renewal of this relationship is based mainly on the quality of services provided by the State and the reform of health systems so that it can withstand future shocks. Nonetheless, we should also take a look on the nature of interactions between citizens and decision-makers. Globally, populations have opposed the coercive methods used by states to impose confinements and mandatory vaccinations, in this context, the issue of trust between states and citizens is at the heart of the overhaul of Post Covid Social Contracts. How can we build an inclusive social contract after what the pandemic has revealed the flaws inside our systems? How does international cooperation impact the national debates on social contracts? Do states have to create global surveillance systems in order to ensure citizen’s well-being? Moderator: James Mcgann, Director, Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program Speakers: - Tosin Duratoye, Principal, Conselia Advisory Practice (ADEL) - Bushra Ebadi, Network Coordinator, Data-driven Surveillance Technologies & Migration Amnesty International (ADEL) - Serigne Gueye Diop, Minister Advisor to the President ; Mayor of Sandiara, Senegal - Ignacio Walker, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chile

James G. McGann
Senior Lecturer and Director Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program, Lauder Institute, University of Pennsylvania
James G. McGann, Ph.D., is an FPRI (Foreign Policy Reseach Institut) Senior Fellow and Director of its Think Tanks and Foreign Policy Program. He isalso a senior lecturer in International Studiesat the Lauder Institute, director of the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) and senior fellow, Fels Institute of Governmentat the University of Pennsylvania. He conductsresearch on the trends and challenges facingthink tanks and policymakersaround the world and providesadvice and technical assistance to think tanks, governments and public and privatedonors on how to improve the quality and impact of policyresearch. Prior to coming to the Lauder Institute Dr. McGannwas assistant director of the International Relations Program, University of Pennsylvania. Hiscurrentresearchi ...
Tosin Durotoye
CEO and Primary Consultant, Conselia Advisory (Emerging Leader)
Bushra Ebadi
Youth Ambassador for the Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL); Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leader (ADEL)
She recently worked as a Global Security and Politics Research Associate with the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), where she provided research and project support to the World Refugee Council in developing solutions to transform the global refugee and internal displacement systems; advanced research on the ethical and social implications of emerging technologies on marginalized populations; and co-developed the Women in Global Governance project, focusing on women in decision-making and leadership in security and politics. Her previous professional experiences include developing refugee housing and integration strategies for arrival cities around the world, supporting humanitarian coordination through her work with the UN Interagency Standing Committee i ...


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