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Karim El Aynaoui

Title: President, Policy Center for the New South

Related programs: Long Term Development / Geopolitics and International Relations / Commodity Economics & Finance

Area of expertise: Macroeconomics, economic growth & development, economic policies.

Karim El Aynaoui is President of the Policy Center for the New South and Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. 

From 2005 to 2012, he worked at Bank Al-Maghrib, the Central Bank of Morocco, where he served as Director of Economics, Statistics and International Relations. In this capacity, he provided strategic leadership in defining and supporting monetary policy. He was also in charge of the Research department and a member of the cabinet of the Governor. Prior to joining Bank Al-Maghrib, Karim El Aynaoui worked for eight years at the World Bank, as an Economist for the Middle East, North Africa, and Africa regions. 

He has published books and journal articles on macroeconomic issues in developing countries. His recent works include co-authoring books on renewing the growth strategy of Morocco and the Moroccan labor market. He has also co-edited a book on international mitigation policies to combat climate change and a special issue on food price volatility in the Oxford Economic Papers. 

Karim El Aynaoui holds scientific and advisory positions in various institutions. He is a member of the Malabo-Montpellier Panel, the Advisory Board of the International Forum on Innovation for Agri-Food Systems, The Scientific Council of the Moroccan Capital Market Authority, and the Strategic Advisory Board the French Institute of International Relations. In the past, he served as a member of the COP22 Scientific Committee. 

He is also advisor to the CEO and Chairman of the OCP Group, world leader in the phosphate industry, and serves as board member of the OCP Foundation and global member of the Trilateral Commission. 

Karim El Aynaoui holds a PhD in economics from the University of Bordeaux, where he taught for three years courses in statistics and economics.