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The United States' economic strategy and presence in the Maghreb
Kassim Bouhou
September 17, 2010

Before the 9/11 events, US-Maghreb relations were growing stronger, especially after the United States had long left the floor to the Maghreb’s “natural” European partner. Therefore the American action in this region was in line with a mechanism previously set off by Clinton Administration member, Stuart Eizenstat, which aimed at reducing intra regional obstacles and stimulating American investments towards an area where Americans were little-represented. Hence Washington seemed more involved in promoting the emergence of a strong, world-economy-integrated Maghrebi market.


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    September 22, 2021
    Face à la concurrence mondiale croissante, les Emirats arabes unis (EAU) ont pu constater le retard enregistré dans le domaine maritime dans les points stratégiques traditionnels au début du 21ème siècle. Pour autant, le pays détient une position importante sur la scène internationale en ce qui concerne le transport maritime. Grâce à la DP World, instrument diplomatique émirati, le lancement d’initiatives permettant au pays de regagner une place et une implantation dans différents p ...
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