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Climate Refugees: A Major Challenge of International Community and Africa
June 20, 2022

From socio-economic crises to the scourges of war, through natural disasters and environmental degradation, the world's history is marked by events leading to mass migration, exacerbating the phenomenon of climate refugees. Today, environmental phenomena prompt many inhabitants to choose exile in search of more stable horizons. It is essential to note that no legal text, either global or regional, considers the case of climate refugees. Given the lack of a specific legal regime for climate refugees, global and regional organizations have no de-facto mandate to assist these individuals, increasing their vulnerability and further complicating the evolution of international law. Experts stress the need to define a legal status for climate refugees to create a protection mechanism for people displaced by climate-related disasters. In this regard, the African continent provides a promising perspective.


  • Authors
    Leonardo Parraga
    September 5, 2019
    Leonardo Parraga is an alumnus of the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program 2016.  The rise of globalization has given space to cooperation across borders in unprecedented ways. The interconnectedness between different actors allows for the creation of synergies and catalyzing progress in different areas, a feature that was previously unthinkable. When it comes to cooperation amongst young people, the increasing wave of meeting spaces facilitating the encounters between youth ...
  • August 9, 2019
    China’s economic records over the past four decades generated the intellectual curiosity of many foreign observers and researchers . The development pathway of Beijing is interesting to study as it proves that a country can take its destiny in its own hand. This paper tries to draw possible lessons from the Chinese development path to see if some of them could be adaptable to feed the development of the African countries. Introduction Forty years ago, China opened up its economy t ...
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    Mahaut de Fougières
    August 6, 2019
    L'auteur est une alumni du programme des Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders. Seuls 14 kilomètres séparent les continents africain et européen. C'est un fait: nous sommes voisins ! Outre cette proximité géographique, l’Europe et l’Afrique sont liées par une histoire commune, des relations économiques, des échanges diplomatiques et de nombreux défis communs. Une véritable communauté de destin qui appelle à un partenariat fort, alors que l’Accord de Cotonou, qui régit les relations p ...
  • Authors
    July 29, 2019
    Les relations du Japon avec le Maghreb sont alimentées par des éléments de projection très diversifiés, inégaux, vers des pays et des sociétés qui intéressent le Japon par eux-mêmes, mais dont l’importance est renforcée par leurs articulations avec les maillages, africain et moyen oriental. La décennie actuelle ne constitue pas le moment le plus fort de ces relations. La coopération entre le Japon et les pays du Maghreb reste significative, cependant. Les possibilités de développeme ...
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    June 27, 2019
    Caribbean and African ties run deep. They are based on a shared history, culture, and sense of a common identity forged by the slave trade which forcibly relocated more than 10 million Africans to the New World, in the process, creating large centres of African Diaspora in the Caribbean and elsewhere. The common historical experiences of slavery and colonialism inspired formation of the Pan-African Movement in the first half of the 1900’s led by the African Diaspora outside of Afric ...
  • Authors
    Pedro da Motta Veiga
    Sandra Polónia Rios
    June 24, 2019
    The cooperation between Brazil and Morocco dates back to the 19th century, when Moroccan migrants came to Brazil attracted by the then booming exploration of rubber in the Amazon rainforest. In 1861, the Brazilian government opened its first consulate in Tangier.  But it was only since 1961, with the Moroccan independence, that the bilateral relations began to diversify. At the political sphere, there has been a fluid dialogue, driven by convergent views on several issues related t ...
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    May 22, 2019
    The trade tensions between the United States and China will cause only minor immediate damage to their giant economies. However, tariffs have important and diverse effects on individual sectors and cause heightened uncertainty. The main adverse effects on Sub-Saharan Africa will therefore be through global investor confidence, economic growth and commodity prices, and these effects could be severe if the dispute escalates further and endangers the rules-based trading system. The tra ...
  • Authors
    Carlos Antonio Carrasco
    Pascal Chaigneau
    Nicolas Desgrais
    Thierry Garcin
    Firmin Edouard Matoko
    Bouchra Rahmouni
    Michel Raimbaud
    Olivier Tramond
    April 10, 2019
    À travers cette publication conjointe, le Centre HEC de Géopolitique et le Policy Center for the New South ont souhaité présenter seize papiers discutés et enrichis au cours de la sixième édition des Dialogues Stratégiques qui s’est tenue le 3 octobre 2018. Cette rencontre avait choisi d’analyser l’espace politique et les enjeux géostratégiques de notre monde contemporain en se focalisant sur deux sujets d’actualité internationale : les crises et sorties de crises en Amérique latine ...
  • Authors
    Haizam Amirah Fernández
    Ignacio Cembrero
    Irene Fernández Molina
    December 4, 2018
    “What are the sources of tension in the Spain-Morocco relationship?” "¿Cuáles son los focos de tensión en la relación España-Marruecos?” ("What are the sources of tension in the Spain-Morocco relationship?”) is a Spanish-written article featured in the independent international-news analysis group Estudios de Política Exterior, providing an examination of Spanish-Moroccan relations written by four authors, namely OCP Policy Center's Senior Fellow, Rachid El Houdaigui. ...