Oil Price Development and Political Stability in Saudi Arabia

March 2016
Eckart Woertz 

This podcast is performed by Eckart Woertz. Saudi Arabia's role is pivotal in global oil markets and oil revenues are crucial for its political stability. The talk gives an overview of recent events in the light of the US shale revolution and fiscal retrenchment in Saudi Arabia.


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    The global economic environment has changed as the U.S.—and to a less confrontational degree, the European Union—have clearly established a context of technological rivalry with China. Hindering China’s progress in the sophistication of semiconductor production has become a centerpiece of current U.S. foreign policy. While the U.S. is clearly winning the semiconductor war, the picture is different when it comes to clean-energy technology. Both technology wars overlap with access to ...
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    This paper was originally published on iai.it Europe’s natural gas system experienced unprecedented stress following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Since the outbreak of the war, the European Union has strived to secure alternative supplies, fill its gas storage facilities and reduce consumption. Success on these fronts was enabled by fundamental market changes that the bloc unlocked during a long period of low gas prices over the past two decades, in addition to emergency and diplo ...
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    À  l’approche du Sommet africain du climat (Africa Climate Summit), qui se tiendra à Nairobi du 4 au 6 septembre 2023, de très nombreuses organisations non gouvernementales (ONG) ont écrit au président du Kenya, William Ruto, pour lui faire part de leurs inquiétudes concernant l’ordre du jour de ce sommet. Selon ces ONG, les intérêts des entreprises et des pays occidentaux pourraient prendre le pas sur ceux de l’Afrique. Les vraies priorités sont notamment d’éliminer progressivement ...
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     In a constantly evolving global landscape, characterized by a series of impactful shockwaves reverberating across various sectors, the energy sector stands out as one that has been signi ...
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    Dans la région MENA (l'Afrique du Nord et le Moyen-Orient), le secteur de l’eau est marqué par une tendance accélérée à l’amenuisement des ressources hydriques avec des périodes de sécheresse de plus en plus fréquentes et des besoins en croissance soutenue. « D’ici la fin de cette décennie, la quantité d’eau disponible tombera sous le seuil absolu de pénurie, fixé à 500 mètres cubes par personne et par an », apprend-on dans le nouveau rapport de la Banque mondiale (BM) intitulé « As ...
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    نسلط الضوء في حلقة هذا الأسبوع من برنامج حديث الثلاثاء على الدور المحوري الذي يمكن أن تضطلع به المعادن الاستراتيجية والحرجة في تمكين المغرب من تعزيز سيادته الصناعية وتحقيق أهدافه في مجال ...
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    نسلط الضوء في حلقة هذا الأسبوع من برنامج حديث الثلاثاء على الدور المحوري الذي يمكن أن تضطلع به المعادن الاستراتيجية والحرجة في تمكين المغرب من تعزيز سيادته الصناعية وتحقيق أهدافه في مجال الانتقال الطاقي والاستثمار، مع الحرص على احترام المتطلبات الاجتماعية والبيئية لهذا القطاع. يختزن الم...
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    This Policy Paper was originally published on freiheit.org This study explores how Morocco can successfully develop a green hydrogen market and at the same time contribute to the global energy transition. Authors Rim Berahab and Afaf Zarkik show how Morocco’s bold strategies and investments in renewables can shape a promising future for green hydrogen. They chart a path to decipher the potential of this energy vector, while outlining the elements necessary for the emergence of a g ...