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November 2023
Akram Zaoui & Anahi Wiedenbrüg
Debt from a Southern Perspective

Debt in the Global South was a key point of discussion during the last annual meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund which took place in Marrakesh on October 2023.

November 2023
Helmut Sorge & Stefan Buijsman
Artificial Intelligence: Historical Context of Technological Change

During this interview, Mr. Stefan Buijsman, Assistant Professor at the Technische Universiteit Delft provides an analysis on the multifaceted nature of Artificial Intelligence, raising critical questions about its role in our future.

November 2023
Helmut Sorge & Jean-Daniel Gerber
War and World Economy: Unpacking the Impact of Global Tensions and Conflicts

In this episode, we analyze the influence of the global tensions, featuring discussions on the far-reaching consequences of the ongoing wars and their ripple effects on the world economy as we discuss the critical role of central bankers in navigating these turbulent times. Mr.

November 2023
Helmut Sorge & Thierry Warin
Industrial Policy for Innovation and Technology Upgrading in Africa

As the world enters the era of the fourth industrial revolution characterized by advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, and automation, the preparedness of African nations varies significantly. Economists argue that Africa missed out on the first three industrial r

October 2023
Hamza Saoudi & Imane Lahrich
Économie Informelle au Maroc : Réalités et Recommandations

Au cours de cet épisode, nous aborderons les aspects suivants : la définition de l'emploi informel, son importance dans l'économie marocaine, les raisons de sa prévalence, les implications qui en découlent, ainsi que les recommandations visant à faire face à cette réalité complexe.

October 2023
Akram Zaoui & Mustapha Kamel Nabli
Trapped in the middle: A talk on MENA’s economic challenges

High unemployment rates, particularly among the urban and educated youth, low accumulation of human capital, and a weak private sector leading to low growth levels have been the key features of the MENA region's economy. Dr.

October 2023
Helmut Sorge & Abla Abdel Latif
Rising Inflation and Economic Challenges in Africa

The confluence of Covid 19 and the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has resulted in a troublesome surge of inflation not seen for decades.

September 2023
Afaf Zarkik, Jean-Louis Arcand
The Power of Innovation for Sustainable Development

In this episode, we delve into the critical issues of climate change, energy transition, and food security in Africa.

September 2023
Fahd Azaroual & Saloi El Yamani
L'érosion de la base d'imposition, le transfert de bénéfices et les défis de l'espace fiscal en Afrique

L'érosion de la base d'imposition et le transfert de bénéfices (BEPS) impliquant des entreprises multinationales est un problème complexe et multidimensionnel résultant de lacunes et d'incohérences e

September 2023
by Oumayma Bourhriba and Otaviano Canuto
Global Economy Now and the Challenges Ahead

The global economy is on the path to recovery following the dual challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

September 2023
Akram Zaoui & Serhat Suha
Where does Türkiye stand? A glimpse at the Turkish polity in 2023

This podcast was recorded before the second round of the Turkish presidential election. While the result of the latter was still unknown, the first round as well as the legislative elections had marked clear tendencies within the Turkish society.

September 2023
by Hala Boumaiz & Len Ishmael
Unveiling Power Dynamics: The West and the Global South

In this podcast, we are joined by Dr. Len Ishmael, editor and co-author of the book “Aftermath of War in Europe: The West VS. the Global South?”. Dr.

August 2023
Helmut Sorge & Rear Admiral Nuno de Noronha Bragança
African Coastal Piracy and Migration Challenges

During the interview, we presented a series of questions to Mr. Nuno, starting with an analysis of piracy along the African coast. We inquired about its current threat to our communities and whether containment is achievable.

August 2023
Hamza M’jahed and Maria Helena De Felipe
Empowering Women in Economic Diplomacy: Unlocking Potential in the Mediterranean

In this episode, titled "Empowering Women in Economic Diplomacy: Unleashing Potential in the Mediterranean," Maria Helena de Felipe, a renowned authority in business leadership and economic diplomacy, discusses her journey in empowering women within the business sphere.

August 2023
Saloi El Yamani & Sabrine Emran
Energy Demand and the Shadow of Recession

 In a constantly evolving global landscape, characterized by a series of impactful shockwaves reverberating across various sectors, the energy sector stands out as one that has been significantly affected.

August 2023
Janina Stürner-Siovitz, Fatima Fernandez and Mohamed Wajdi Aydi
Migration Governance and City Diplomacy

Migration is a natural human phenomenon, yet the current narrative often centres on security and border management, with little attention paid to origin and transit countries of incoming migration fluxes.

August 2023
Abdessalam Jaldi & Abdelkader El Khissassi
L’Union pour la Méditerranée: une priorité méditerranéenne

L’Union pour la Méditerranée (UpM) est une organisation intergouvernementale fondée en 2008 qui regroupe 43 pays.

July 2023
Helmut Sorge & Badreddine El Harti
Security in Libya : Is there Peace on the Horizon ?

Libya, a nation abundant in valuable resources such as human capital, minerals, and oil, has also been characterized by cultural homogeneity and harmonious coexistence.

July 2023
Hamza M’jahed & Maggie Janes-Lucas
Charting Peace and Security in the Sahel

This podcast aims to assess the recent security developments in the Sahel and adopt a proactive approach towards the practical measures required to revitalize peace efforts in the region.

July 2023
Soukaina El Majidi & Mekki Zouaoui
L’éducation et la préservation du patrimoine culturel

L'éducation et le patrimoine culturel sont interconnectés. L'éducation permet la transmission et la préservation du patrimoine culturel, tandis que le patrimoine culturel enrichit l'éducation en fournissant des éléments significatifs à apprendre, valoriser et préserver.

July 2023
Hamza M’jahed & Dominique Bocquet
L’Union européenne sortira-t-elle affaiblie ou renforcée des événements en Ukraine ?

Plus d’un an après le déclenchement de la guerre en Ukraine, l'Europe se retrouve plongée dans un conflit de haute intensité.

June 2023
Len Ishmael and Ian Lesser
Southern Atlanticism in a Polarized World

As the world witnesses a period of disruption marked by Great-Power rivalry and increasing insecurity, Southern Atlanticism serves as a catalyst for greater cooperation and representation in global affairs.

June 2023
Amal El Ouassif & Damien Jusselme
Foresight & Migration: Perspectives and Limitations

Predicting migration patterns is increasingly becoming a field of interest to multiple stakeholders from the decision makers in political spheres, to analysts and researchers in the field of academia.

June 2023
عبد الله متقي, إيمان لهريش
حديث الثلاثاء: المعادن الاستراتيجية والحرجة في المغرب

نسلط الضوء في حلقة هذا الأسبوع من برنامج حديث الثلاثاء على الدور المحوري الذي يمكن أن تضطلع به المعادن الاستراتيجية والحرجة في تمكين المغرب من تعزيز سيادته الصناعية وتحقيق أهدافه في مجال الانتقال الطاقي والاستثمار، مع الحرص على احترام المتطلبات الاجتماعية والبيئية لهذا ال

June 2023
Soukaina El Majidi & Henri Louis Vedie
L'essor des cryptomonnaies en Afrique : Influence sur le secteur bancaire et distinctions par rapport à la finance conventionnelle

Dans ce podcast, M. Vedie, expert des questions financières, nous apporte des éclaircissements sur les cryptomonnaies et la finance-tech, ainsi que leurs différences par rapport à la finance conventionnelle.

June 2023
Fathallah Oualalou Imane Lahrich
حديث الثلاثاء : هل عادت القطبية الثنائية الدولية؟

سنحاول في هذه الحلقة الوقوف عند إحداثيات وتداعيات عودة هيمنة القطبية الثنائية على المشهد الدولي، بعد نحو 3 عقود من أفولها إثر انهيار الاتحاد السوفياتي في عام 1991، واحتدام الاستقطاب على وقع الأزمة الأوكرانية الذي يهدد عمل المنظمات الدولية وسط تصاعد دعوات إصلاح منظومة الأم

June 2023
Oumayma Bourhriba et Patrick Plane
Le rôle de la compétitivité du taux de change dans l’accélération des exportations des pays africains

La croissance et l'accélération des exportations revêtent une importance cruciale dans la transformation structurelle et le développement économique des pays émergents et en développement.

June 2023
Imane Lahrich & Larabi Jaidi
حديث الثلاثاء : ميثاق الاستثمار الجديد وتأثيره على الاقتصاد المغربي

يعد ميثاق الاستثمار الجديد، الصادر، في دجنبر 2022، والذي تم تطبيق أول مراسيمه، في يناير المنصرم، خارطة الطريق الإستراتيجية لإعطاء نفس جديد للاستثمار بالمغرب، الذي من شأنه أن يعزز تنافسية الاقتصاد الوطني، فضلا عن تثمين دور الفاعلين في القطاع الخاص، وكذا منظومة الإنتاج المغ

June 2023
Hamza M’jahed and Elena Sanchez-Montijano
Migration and Integration in Atlantic Latin America

In this podcast episode, we delve into the complex and diverse topic of migration and integration in Atlantic Latin America. As we explore the historical events and patterns of migration that have shaped the region's cultural, social, and economic development.

June 2023
Imane Lahrich & khalid chegraoui
حديث الثلاثاء - ماذا ينتظر تركيا بعد الانتخابات الرئاسية: قراءة بين الثوابت والمتغيرات

يزخر المغرب بتراث ثقافي جعله يتبوأ بأعلى المراتب على الصعيد الإفريقي من حيث عدد التسجيلات الثقافية على قائمة اليونسكو للتراث العالمي، وهو الشيء الذي مكن المغرب من إطلاق مجموعة من المشاريع والمبادرات المؤطـرة التي يتم دعمها وطنيا ودوليا.