Les marchés du pétrole et du gaz post Covid-19 avec Francis Perrin (3/5)

May 13, 2020

Retrouvez les analyses de nos expert-e-s au sujet de l'impact de la crise Covid 19 en une série de 5 entretiens sur: Les marchés des matières premières Les marchés des minerais et des métaux L'agriculture et la sécurité l’alimentaire Les marchés du pétrole et du gaz La finance des matières premières

Francis Perrin
Senior Fellow
Francis Perrin is a Senior Fellow at the Policy Center for the New South who focuses on energy.  Following studies in economics and political science at the University Pierre Mendès France (UPMF – today University Grenoble Alpes) at Grenoble (France), Francis Perrin worked for several years as a journalist and freelance consultant on energy and mining resources before joining in 1991 the Paris-based Arab Petroleum Research Center (APRC). He was editor in chief of Arab Oil & Gas (AOG) and Pétrole et Gaz Arabes (PGA) between 1991 and 2000 and editorial manager of the publications of the APRC from 2001 to the end of 2011. Francis Perrin set up at the beginning of 2012 Stratégies et Politiques Energétiques (SPE) and later Energy Industries Strategies Information (EISI).   Pr ...


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    May 20, 2024
    Carbon pricing mechanisms are central to mitigating climate change. These mechanisms work by internalizing the costs associated with greenhouse gas emissions, thus encouraging emissions reductions and promoting technological progress in favor of sustainable alternatives. However, the implementation of carbon pricing mechanisms faces numerous complexities and challenges, especially in developing countries, given the potentially regressive impact of carbon pricing on low-income groups ...
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    Sabrina Camélia Pagop
    Luc Savard
    April 29, 2024
    This study conducts an in-depth exploration of the increasing interest in voluntary carbon markets (VCMs) in Africa, shedding light on the potential opportunities and challenges associated with African participation in these markets. VCMs have gained prominence as promising means to address climate change, driven by substantial financial incentives and market expansion. Nonetheless, persistent debates revolve around the legitimacy of carbon credits and their tangible contributions t ...
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    Miguel Vazquez
    March 26, 2024
    Low-carbon hydrogen is a potential contributor to the goals defined in the Paris Agreement, i.e. limiting the increase in the global average temperature to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. The transformation of hydrogen production is a part of this effort, as current production methods in the hydrogen industry are carbon-intensive. To achieve net-zero scenarios, hydrogen production and consumption will need to change. Creating a pipeline of projects plays a central role in drivin ...
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    Le Maroc traverse l'une de ses pires périodes de sécheresse. Au cours des 43 dernières années, le Royaume a traversé 7 périodes de sécheresse, présentant des niveaux de sévérité variables. La plus faible pluviométrie a été enregistrée, en 2017, avec seulement 103 mm de précipitations annuelles. Ce qui caractérise la présente sécheresse, c'est sa durée exceptionnelle de six années consécutives, marquant ainsi la période de sécheresse la plus longue de l'histoire du pays. En effet, su ...
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    Water stands as a pivotal factor in either fostering peace or sparking conflict, with scarcity, pollution, and unequal access to this vital resource capable of escalating tensions within and between communities and nations. As we approach World Water Day, it is crucial to recognize that...
  • March 19, 2024
    يخصص مركز السياسات من أجل الجنوب الجديد حلقة برنامجه الأسبوعي "حديث الثلاثاء" لمناقشة ندرة المياه في المغرب: الأسباب، التحديات والافاق المستقبلية. شهد المغرب في السنوات الاخيرة ندرة مياه من المفترض حسب التوقعات أن تتفاقم في السنوات القادمة. تعزى مشكلة ندرة المياه الى خلل في معادلة الطل...
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    March 19, 2024
    Par rapport aux intérêts des générations des années cinquante, soixante et soixante-dix (dont je fais partie), la question de l’environnement n’est venue se greffer dans les préoccupations des acteurs, leurs réflexions et programmes d’action, que tardivement. Il faudra encore quelque temps pour mûrir les éléments de cette problématique relativement nouvelle. Toutefois, dès le départ on est partagé entre deux visions : d’une part, une approche qui considère la protection de l’envir ...
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    March 15, 2024
    A Series of Disruptions The freighter, on its way from the United Arab Emirates to Bulgaria, loaded with 21000 metric tons of fertilizer, was hit by two Houthi missiles on February 18, 2024, at a point 93 miles east of Aden. The Houthi—not an army but rebels—are firing on ships in solidarity with the tortured people in Gaza, and their leaders, Hamas. Like Hamas, the Houthi are armed by Tehran. The European Union has started a mission to send frigates into the Red Sea, providing pr ...