Confronting Migration Challenges in Italy and the Mediterranean Region

January 17, 2023

In this episode with Mr. Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo, President of the NATO Defense College Foundation in Rome, explores into the complex challenge confronting Italy and other Mediterranean nations as they grapple with intercepting migrant crossings. This involves exploring the use of military means and leveraging national Navies. In this episode, Mr. Minuto-Rizzo also shares insights on how Italy is actively working on registering asylum seekers in the adjacent country of Albania.

Helmut Sorge
Helmut Sorge is a columnist at the Policy Center for the New South, where he publishes opinion pieces in the format of international press reviews of current events related to the Middle East and European affairs, and conducts interviews with high level policy makers and PCNS researchers. He is also a lecturer on journalism and the media. For over 40 years, Helmut Sorge served as a writer, former Foreign correspondent, Foreign editor, and Middle East expert for Germany's leading newsmagazine "Der Spiegel" to Washington, London, Paris and Los Angeles. He reported from Vietnam, the Middle East, wrote about safaris, nuclear accidents, visited prisoners on death row in the United States. The German weekly “Gala” summarized in 2011, when his latest book, a collection of biographies ...


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