Turmoil in Afghanistan

September 2021
Amal El Ouassif & Nihal El Mquirmi

The decision to withdraw U.S. and NATO troops from Afghanistan and the subsequent takeover by the Taliban have triggered profound concerns among Afghans, who fear for the future under the Taliban’s rule. Internationally, one key concern is that a major refugee crisis may be imminent, which could swell the numbers of Afghans previously displaced within and beyond the country’s borders during prior decades of war. In this podcast, Amal El Ouassif, International Relations Specialist at the Policy Center for the New South explains migration flows and dynamics, and also the consequences of this refugee crisis regional and internationally.


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    La première bipolarisation a appartenu au XX° siècle et opposé États-Unis et URSS. Avec la guerre froide, elle était l'expression de la rivalité entre deux systèmes antagonistes. La seconde est née de la montée de la Chine populaire qui est entrée en compétition avec les États-Unis. Une compétition au départ économique et technologique, devenue aussi, au fil du temps, culturelle et stratégique, dans un monde interdépendant et digitalisé, mais également segmenté, complexe et incertai ...
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    The big menacing balloon, about 60 meters in height and an estimated couple thousand pounds, was not carrying extraterrestrials or some exquisite new covid viruses from Wahun, China. A spying monster, as Washington's Secretary of State, Antony Blinken insisted, deployed by Beijing to "attempt to surveil very sensitive military sites" (CNN, February 19, 2023). The balloon, large as roughly three buses, went over several military installations," in some cases loitering", claimed Bli ...
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    Dans cette interview tournée au cours des Atlantic Dialogues, Monsieur Helmut Sorge interroge le Ministre Hubert Védrine sur ses impressions sur un monde aussi troublé qu’aujourd’hui suite à la guerre Russo-Ukrainienne. Monsieur Védrine nous fait part de son analyse ainsi que son étude ...
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    Why should this lady be terrified? She is worth 120 Million dollars, and the “New York Times” named her ( January 2, 2019)” an icon of female power”. If the US President and his Vice, Kamala Harris, are incapacitated and unable to lead, she will, as written in the Constitution, move into the White House, Nancy Pelosi, 82, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, and for 35 years, as Democrat,  member of Congress. No, she wasn‘t frightened of crude Chinese threats. She survived a ...