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February 2024
Ahmed Ouhnini et Ferid Belhaj
La Banque Mondiale au Maroc : Bilan d'une décennie d'actions

Dans ce podcast, avec monsieur Ferid Belhaj, Vice-président de la Banque Mondiale pour la région MENA, nous abordons les conclusions d'une évaluation indépendante sur le soutien de la Banque mondiale au Royaume du Maroc et ses implications pour le Nouveau Modèle de Développement.

February 2024
Abdessalam Saad Jaldi - Hakim El Karoui
Dynamiques et mutations de la méditerranée

Le bassin méditerranéen concentre dans son espace restreint tous les enjeux et des défis de la mondialisation et est confronté à l’ensemble des risques qui en découlent.

February 2024
Rim Berahab and Hafez Ghanem
Financing the Future: The Role of a Global Green Bank in Sustainable Development

In this episode with Dr. Hafez Ghanem, Senior Fellow at the Policy Center for the New South, we discuss the establishment of a Global Green Bank, differentiating it from traditional financial entities with a focus on sustainability. Dr.

February 2024
Youssef El Jai & Ferid Belhaj
A Path to Strengthening the Global Financial Architecture

In this podcast, Mr.

February 2024
Hermine Sam Adams Bodomo Helen Dempster David Lelu Pedro Peña Tapia
A Sustainable Brain Drain?

Within professional and academic circles, the idea of "brain drain" has long been a topic of discussion, generating arguments from a variety of angles.

January 2024
Eilish Zembilci, Duke University, Isabelle Tsakok, Alexander de Waal
Perspectives on Hunger

Tune in to understand the motivators of food related insecurity, the historical roots of Western responses to global food insecurity and how policies can be built to encourage food stability around the world.

January 2024
Mahmoud Arbouch and Hung Q Tran
Financialization and increased economic fragility

Since the 1980s, financial activities and assets have gained significant prominence in the global economy, surpassing the growth rate of underlying economic activity measured by global GDP.

January 2024
Abdessalam Jaldi and Renée Cummings
The Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

New Technologies can have, and already is having, a profound impact on our society. However, the new technologies can also be used to malicious ends or have unintended negative consequences.

January 2024
Helmut Sorge and Nathalie Delapalme
Redefining Democracy in Africa

In this podcast, Ms. Nathalie Delapalme, Executive Director of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, presents a compelling philosophical approach to understanding the new Africa. Ms.

January 2024
Abdessalam Jaldi & Kassie Freeman
The Diaspora as a tool of African Soft Power

The role played by diasporas in international relations should not be neglected. Bilateral engagements between states can be significantly affected by the practical and perspective relations between the diaspora community and their homeland.

December 2023
Akram Zaoui, Paul Isbell & Len Ishmael
The Wider Atlantic: Cross Perspectives from the North and South

The Wider Atlantic looks like an underinvested space in spite of its strategic significance and of its potential as a vast area of peaceful cooperation.

December 2023
Amal El Ouassif and Martin Ruhs
Bridging Horizons: Navigating Europe-Africa Cooperation on Migration

Join us in this insightful podcast episode featuring Mr.

December 2023
Helmut Sorge & Sara Burke
Between Globalization and Non-Globalization: Is there a reverse?

In this podcast, Ms.Sarah Burke, Senior Policy Analyst at the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation in New York, highlights the escalating and unpredictable risks associated with geopolitical decisions.

December 2023
Javier Cantero, Fatima Aliyu Magaji, Maiga Attaher
Climate Change and Security in the Sahel

Delving into the nuances of this paradigm shift, the speakers shed light on how climate change is now perceived not only as an environmental challenge but also as a critical factor influencing global peace dynamics.

December 2023
Akram Zaoui and Tai Ming Cheung
Growth, Innovation, and the Security/Technology Nexus in China

Over the past decades, China has discreetly built up its innovation and patiently poured capital and focused on the development of its technology. China notably anticipated the technological needs that the green transition would require, and consolidated its global footprint in related sectors.