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Mhammed Dryef

Title: Senior Fellow

Related program: geopolitics & international relations

Area of expertise: urbanism, regionalization, evaluation of public policies

Karim El Aynaoui

Title: President, Policy Center for the New South

Related programs: Long Term Development / Geopolitics and International Relations / Commodity Economics & Finance

Area of expertise: Macroeconomics, Economic Growth & Development, Economic Policies.

Rachid El Houdaigui

Title: Senior Fellow

Related programs: Geopolitics and International Relations

Area of expertise: International relations, geopolitics, Mediterranean region, North Africa and the Arab world.

Laura  El-Katiri

Title: Senior Fellow

Related programsCommodity Economics & Finance

Area of expertise: Energy, Energy Economics, Oil and Gas, and climate change.

Helyette Geman

Title: Senior Fellow

Related programs: Commodity Economics & Finance

Area of expertise: Probability, Commodities, Finance.

Tayeb  GHAZI

Title: Economist, Policy Center for the New South

Related programs: Long Term Development

Area of expertise: Labour markets, Unemployment, Education

Ihssane Guennoun

Title: International Relations Specialist, Policy Center for the New South 

Related programsGeopolitics and International Relations

Area of expertise: International Relations, Geopolitical Risk, West Africa, Sahel Region.

Rabi H. Mohtar

Title: Senior Fellow

Related programsAgriculture, Environment and Food Security

Area of expertise: Civil and Biological/Agricultural Engineering, Environmental and Ecological Engineering, Water-Energy-Food Nexus, Water Security and Climate Change

Aomar Ibourk

Title: Senior Fellow

Related programs: Long Term Development 

Area of expertise: Applied econometrics, labor market, economics of education, development economics

Len Ishmael

Title: Senior Fellow

Related programs: Geopolitics and International Relations

Area of expertise: Development planning, development economics, law and diplomacy, EU-Africa relations, political and corporate diplomacy