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Bridging the Gender Gap: Women in Media

Lilia Rizk & Omayra Issa (ADEL) | Wed, 26 May 2021

For media to be most effective in serving their communities, the range of broadcasters, print and online platforms must reflect the diversity and range of opinions of their audiences. Diversity in media is a larger topic, and today we will be focusing on gender and media, more specifically on the underrepresentation of women in media. As of today, gender inequality in media is still prevalent and Around the world, women are far less likely than men to be seen in the media. The underrepresentation of women has crossed over from traditional media into the digital news world as well, and has some significant consequence that we will be discussing.

COVID-19 and the debt problems in Africa

Hinh Dinh & Badr Mandri | Fri, 21 May 2021

In these times of crisis, concerns about debt levels in low-income countries, particularly those in Africa, are growing. In recent months, countries on the continent have defaulted on their debts, while others have announced their intention to restructure their debts. The international community has reacted by initiating debt suspensions in favor of the poorest countries. However, the situation requires special attention with a more global mobilization. To discuss this issue, Badr Mandri, an economist at the Policy Center for the New South, welcomes Mr. Hinh Dinh, Senior Fellow at the Policy Center for the New South.


Bridging the Gender Gap: Femmes en Politique

Nihal El Mquirmi & Patricia Ahanda (ADEL) | Wed, 19 May 2021

Si les femmes ont réalisé des progrès remarquables dans de nombreuses professions, la politique est un domaine duquel elles sont largement exclues. Partout dans le monde, elles se font remarquer par leur absence aux postes de décision du gouvernement. Dans cet épisode, Patricia Ahanda, femme politique, experte sur les questions de formation, leadership et entrepreneuriat féminin et alumni du programme Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders revient sur les causes et conséquences de cette absence ainsi que sur la cyberviolence subies par les femmes.


A North and South Overview of the Pandemic

Maha Skah & Hajar El Alaoui | Mon, 17 May 2021

It has been over a year since COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the globe – causing a dramatic loss of human life worldwide, devastating economic and social disruptions, and putting half of the world’s global workforce at risk of losing their livelihoods. The pandemic had numerous and contrasting implications around the world, including within the Atlantic basin. Why is it important to transcend the traditional North VS South divide when examining the impacts of the pandemic? How can researchers and policymakers best apprehend and grapple with the uncertainty stemming from new sources of risk, such as global health and climate events? Moving on closer to home, what were some of the measures adopted by the Kingdom of Morocco and how did they affect domestic and international politics? Hajar El Alaoui, Researcher in International Relations at the Policy Center for the New South and co-author of the paper « A North and South Overview of the Pandemic » in the latest flagship Atlantic Currents report answers our questions.

Bridging the Gender Gap: Empowering Women Through Technology

Lilia Rizk & Hanae Bezad (ADEL) | Wed, 12 May 2021

Technology continues to redefine and revolutionize the way we all live and work. Harnessing this technology to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment is vital for women and girls, and is also in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as a whole. Therefore, accessing technology, taking control of it, creating and shape it as well become essential for women and girls, and in contributing to gender equality across the board.