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    5:30 pm November 2023
    In this episode, we dive into the pressing necessity for climate initiatives in Africa. Despite its minimal global emissions, Africa grapples with severe climate challenges and a substantial funding shortfall. Yet, as obstacles persist, including the disconnect between investor expectations and the African context solutions such as fortifying institutional frameworks are essential.
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    12:00 pm December 2023
    Afaf Zarkik, Senior Economist at the Policy Center for the New South, will be speaking in the panel titled “ Making MENA Economies Fit for the Future: Decarbonizing Industries through Sustainable and Efficient Energy Use”. The panel gathers high caliber speakers and will discusse the urgent need for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to shift from energy-intensive, high-carbon processe…
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    11:00 pm December 2023
    Are you a young Moroccan leader? We invite you to seize a remarkable opportunity to be chosen to participate in the thirteenth Raisina Young Fellows Program, scheduled from February 16 to 25, 2024, in New Delhi, India. This prestigious program, organized annually by the Observer Research Foundation (ORF), aims to bring together young leaders to engage in a dialogue on contemporary global governanc…
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    9:00 am December 2023


    5:00 pm December 2023
    The Policy Center for the New South will be holding the 12th edition of The Atlantic Dialogues, its annual high-level international conference, from December 14th to 16th in Marrakech, Morocco. The Atlantic Dialogues is an annual high-level gathering of influential public and private sectors leaders from around the Atlantic Basin for open, candid and informal discussions on cross-regional and cro…