The Raval Project in Barcelona

February 2016
Héctor Sánchez Margalef
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This podcast is performed byHéctor Sánchez Margalef. Raval is a multicultural quarter in the center of Barcelona and CIDOB has a porject about integration and development in this area. Who represents those who are not allowed to vote? The Raval Project was born out of the realisation that a lot of public attention in the aftermath of the 2014 European elections was devoted to European citizens who chose not to vote. Fewer spoke of those who were unable to vote. This project decided to focus on those who could not participate in these elections even if they wanted to, i.e. third country nationals living in the EU.


  • November 21, 2023
    اكتسبت حملة الستة عشر يوماً العالمية لمناهضة العنف القائم على النوع الاجتماعي والتي أطلقها مركز القيادة العالمية للمرأة في معهده العالمي الأول للقيادة النسائية في عام 1991 قوة جذب في أكثر من 187 دولة بمشاركة أكثر من 6،000 منظمة. إذ أن العنف القائم على النوع الاجتماعي من المشاكل الواسعة ...
  • Authors
    Touhami Abdelkhalek
    Dorothee Boccanfuso
    November 8, 2023
    Public policies, particularly those related to taxes and subsidies, should help to reduce poverty and inequality. However, the combination of components of these two systems, as implemented, leads sometimes to an increase in poverty and or inequality without being necessarily anticipated. In this policy brief, based on data from the 2019 wave of the Enquête Panel de Ménage from the Observatoire National du Développement Human from Morocco, we first highlight the influence of taxes ...
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    Jean Louis-Sarbib
    October 18, 2023
    Addressing inequalities in all their forms has emerged as one of the major global challenges faced by numerous countries across the globe, particularly in Africa. In a context where Africa faces many pressing challenges that are the subject of much analysis (Sarbib et al. 2022), there is a clear gap in conducting comprehensive reviews focused on inequalities, partly due to the lack of available data. Inequalities, which are both consequences and partial causes of poor development o ...
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    في هذه الحلقة من حديث الثلاثاء، نتناول موضوع التعليم الشامل للأشخاص في وضعية إعاقة في المغرب، بالاستناد إلى الأطر القانونية الدولية والمحلية المعترف بها. نبحث في التحديات التي تواجه هذه الفئة الهامة ونسلط الضوء على المبادرات والممارسات الناجحة التي أسهمت في تعزيز الإدماج التعليمي. نتطرق...
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    In this conversation, Ms. Lina Khatib, the Director of SOAS University's Middle East Institute, delves deep into pressing regional issues. She highlights what policymakers can do to ensure the equitable distribution of economic development benefits and prevent any regression. Khatib als...
  • August 28, 2023
    Le secteur informel joue un rôle crucial dans le développement économique et social du Maroc en tant que filet de sécurité pour de nombreux travailleurs. Cependant, sa concentration dans de petites entreprises qui manquent de moyens de production sophistiqués peut entraver la croissance...
  • Authors
    July 28, 2023
    Août, l’économie plonge. La production est en vacances, les investisseurs temporisent. Le volume de travail tombe au-dessous du minimum ordinaire, entraînant au passage un relâchement de la discipline et de l’effort. Un mois durant, l’économie est en mal de repères et s’éloigne de ses objectifs ; elle perd beaucoup de sa rationalité et n’apparaît plus tout à fait dans une logique de productivité et de compétitivité. Le manque à gagner qui en découle se retrouve dans les bas de bilan ...
  • July 18, 2023
    Le secteur informel est une composante essentielle de l'économie marocaine, employant une large partie de la population, mais nuisant à la productivité, aux recettes fiscales de l’État et à la croissance économique à long terme. Sur la base de la définition adoptée dans cette étude et qui définit les travailleurs informels comme étant ceux qui ne sont pas couverts par les régimes contributifs de sécurité sociale de la Caisse nationale de sécurité sociale (CNSS) et d ...
  • Authors
    Abdelkhalek Touhami
    Dorothée Boccanfuso
    June 8, 2023
    The targeting of public policies, particularly those related to the reform of the social protection system in Morocco, is a major challenge, especially in assessing the impact of these measures on multidimensional poverty. By developing two targeting methods to approach the impact of the reform of the social protection system in Morocco on multidimensional poverty as measured by the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI), we show that the three simulated reforms on education and healt ...