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The Outbreak of Peace and Symbolism of the Ethiopian-Eritrean Border

Rida Lyammouri | March 26, 2019

A red carpet was placed to welcome Eritreans to Ethiopia as two land border crossings between the countries were reopened in September, in Zalambessa...

African Union stance on the Sahara issue: incipient change

Mohammed Loulichki | March 20, 2019

Morocco's protracted absence from the Pan-African Institution allowed its’ adversaries to influence the AU into adopting one-sided decisions...

La position de l’Union africaine sur la question du Sahara : le début d’un changement

L’absence prolongée du Maroc de l’Institution panafricaine a permis aux adversaires du Royaume de faire adopter, par l’UA, des décisions à sens...

Towards EU-MENA Shared Prosperity

Abdelaaziz Ait Ali , Uri Dadush , Yassine Msadfa , Yana Myachenkova, Simone Tagliapietra | March 14, 2019

This third Policy Report represents the main pillar of a long-lasting collaboration between Bruegel and the Policy Center for the New South,...

L’évaluation d’impact pour l’efficacité des politiques de développement en Afrique

Mouhamadou M.Ly, Bertrand Bio Mama, Onasis Tharcisse A. Guèdègbé | March 06, 2019

L’évaluation d’impact des projets et programmes de développement est un exercice qui est de plus en plus adopté dans les pays en développement...

Abiy Ahmed’s ‘Medemer’ reforms: Can it ensure sustainable growth for Ethiopia and what are the challenges facing the new government?

Sara Mokaddem | March 05, 2019

Since coming to power on April 2018, Dr. Abiy seems to be unstoppable, making the world headlines on many occasions. He has embarked the country on...

China’s Growth Rebalance with Downslide

Otaviano Canuto | March 05, 2019

China’s GDP growth last year (6.6%) was the lowest in the last two decades. In its World Economic Prospects update in January, the IMF maintained...

Les trajectoires incertaines de l'industrialisation en Afrique

Afrique Contemporaine | February 28, 2019

Dans son édition n°266, la revue scientifique Afrique Contemporaine consacre son Dossier à la question de l’industrialisation en Afrique. D’après la...

The ICC and the African Union: “Engaging African Youth in International Justice”

Hisham Aidi | February 27, 2019

On February 1, 2019, the International Criminal Court (ICC) released Laurent Gbagbo, the former president of Côte d’Ivoire, and the first head of...

CyclOpe - Bilan 2018 et Prévisions 2019

Philippe Chalmin | February 27, 2019

Ahead of the Senegalese Presidential Elections : Taking the Temperature from Twitter Mining

Ihssane Guennoun , Zainab Adel | February 22, 2019

As Senegalese population are due to join the polls on Sunday February 24th, 2019 to elect their next president, several voters are turning to social...


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