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How Feasible Is the ECO Currency? A Study of ECOWAS Business Cycles Synchronicity

Youssef EL JAI | April 03, 2020

Using a Structural vector auto-regression analysis, this paper attempts to answer the question of the feasibility of a currency union in the Economic...

Un Indice de Compétitivité Structurelle des pays en développement

Moubarack Lo , Amaye Sy | March 27, 2020

L’objet de ce Papier est de proposer un indice qui synthétise et suit le niveau de compétitivité structurelle et d’attractivité des pays en...

Uneven Integration: The Case of Angola

Eduardo A. HADDAD, Fernando S. PEROBELLI, Inácio F. ARAÚJO, Tomás P. DENTINHO | February 13, 2020

Angola’s prospects for reconstruction and development of its poor connectivity infrastructure are heavily dependent upon the export performance of...

Trade and Women’s Wage Employment

Mina Baliamoune-Lutz | January 09, 2020

The main goal of this paper is to address an important question that arises from the interaction between increased participation in international...