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Un Indice de Compétitivité Structurelle des pays en développement

Moubarack Lo , Amaye Sy | March 27, 2020

L’objet de ce Papier est de proposer un indice qui synthétise et suit le niveau de compétitivité structurelle et d’attractivité des pays en...

Has Morocco Benefited from the Free Trade Agreement with the European Union?

Rim Berahab , Uri Dadush | February 19, 2020

Since the free trade agreement (FTA) between Morocco and the European Union (EU) came into force nearly two decades ago, Morocco’s export performance...

Uneven Integration: The Case of Angola

Eduardo A. HADDAD, Fernando S. PEROBELLI, Inácio F. ARAÚJO, Tomás P. DENTINHO | February 13, 2020

Angola’s prospects for reconstruction and development of its poor connectivity infrastructure are heavily dependent upon the export performance of...

Trade and Women’s Wage Employment

Mina Baliamoune-Lutz | January 09, 2020

The main goal of this paper is to address an important question that arises from the interaction between increased participation in international...