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Bridging the Digital Divide with upskilling strategies which unlock an expert IoT workforce: A way forward for AUDA-NEPAD

Seleman Yusuph Kitenge* | February 12, 2020

The internet of Things as a disruptive technology of the day and trend brings in a huge sense of connectivity and interaction not only between...

Brazil is in dire need of more and better infrastructure investments

Otaviano Canuto | January 31, 2020

A recent Ipsos survey found the Brazilian population to be the most dissatisfied with infrastructure services (transportation, energy, water and...

The strategic extension of the United Arab Emirates: Determinants, objectives and some implications for the Horn of Africa

Jamal Machrouh | January 30, 2020

Increasingly, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) strengthens its position within the Arab region that is of strong geopolitical attributes. There has...

La “révolution énergétique” américaine : les Etats-Unis vont devenir un exportateur net de pétrole en 2020

Francis Perrin | January 23, 2020

Selon les projections officielles de l’U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), les Etats-Unis deviendraient en 2020 un pays exportateur net de...

Maroc/Mauritanie : Intérêts stratégiques communs

Youssef Tobi , Youssef El Jai | January 22, 2020

Ce Policy Brief vise à : • présenter la Mauritanie à travers sa géographie et sa politique intérieure ; • examiner les relations entre le Maroc et...

Geo-Politics in the Horn of Africa

Hisham Aidi | January 21, 2020

"The Great Game", as it has been called, has been playing out in the region, layering new rivalries and ideological quarrels, onto...

Iran/Etats-Unis : L’assassinat de Soulaimani, pas de quoi générer une guerre

Abdelhak Bassou | January 17, 2020

Ce papier tente, aux vues de l’état actuel des relations entre les Etats-Unis et l’Iran et des conjonctures qui traversent la région et le monde d’...