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Venezuela Agriculture and Food: Resilience or Total Collapse of Food Security Under Repeated Crises?

Isabelle Tsakok | April 05, 2021

Venezuela has hurtled from crisis to crisis since the 1980s oil glut. Time and again, successive governments, whether Democratic or Bolivarian...

The Impact of New Technologies on Employment and the Workforce: What are the Implications for Developing Countries, Especially in Africa?

Hamza Saoudi | March 24, 2021

New technologies, such as automation, artificial intelligence and industrial robots, are often seen as a real danger for existing jobs and also for...

Tillabéri Region, Niger: Concerning Cycle of Atrocities

Rida Lyammouri | March 24, 2021

Tillabéri region of Niger is witnessing unprecedented level of ethnic-based violence. The January 2 massacre caught the national and international...

Les armes non-létales : vers la guerre propre ?

Rachid El Houdaigui , Abdelhamid El Ouazzan | March 18, 2021

Depuis les années 1960s, la doctrine stratégique assiste à la montée en puissance progressive des armes dites « non-létales », d’abord comme concept...

Non-Lethal Weapons: Towards Clean War?

Starting in the nineteen sixties, strategic doctrine gradually saw the advent of so-called "non-lethal" weapons, first as a concept, then...

Forces et faiblesses de la CEDEAO en 2021

Henri-Louis Vedie | March 17, 2021

Cette étude concerne la Communauté économique des Etats d'Afrique de l'Ouest (CEDEAO), rappelant, tout d'abord, leur diversité...

Autonomisation économique de la femme marocaine au-delà du mode compassionnel

Bouchra Rahmouni | March 12, 2021

La crise sanitaire de la Covid-19 a mis en exergue les limites de la société-monde. En effet, sans la femme on ne peut faire face aux défis du...

Economic empowerment of Moroccan women beyond the drive for compassion

The Covid-19 health crisis exposed the limitations of our world-society. As a matter of fact, millennium challenges are impossible to face without...

The Challenge of the Youth Bulge in Africa and the Middle East: Migration and The Brain Drain

Amal El Ouassif | March 11, 2021

This Policy Brief was drafted within a partnership with NATO Southern Hub (NSD-S Hub) and was originally published on NSD-S Hub website:

Brazil Agriculture—Response and resilience of food security under dual shocks in 2020: Oil price collapse and the COVID-19 pandemic

Isabelle Tsakok , Fatima Ezzahra Mengoub | March 03, 2021

Brazil, an oil-exporting nation, was still struggling to recover from the depression which started around 2014/15 when it was hit by a quick...

Climbing a High Ladder - Development in the Global Economy

Otaviano Canuto | February 26, 2021

Economic development analysis must inevitably rely on a double methodological standpoint. On the one hand, it needs to search for common features,...

L’agenda de l’Union africaine sur les migrations: Une alternative aux priorités européennes en Afrique ?

Christophe Bertossi, Amal El Ouassif , Matthieu Tardis | February 26, 2021

Si les migrations en provenance d’Afrique constituent la priorité des politiques européennes de contrôle des frontières extérieures de l’Union...