Unveiling the Dynamic Ties between Latin America and the European Union

May 2023
Hamza M’jahed & Bruno Theodoro

In this episode, we go beyond the surface and explore the historical background and significant milestones that have shaped the interactions between Latin America and the European Union. Dr. Bruno Theodoro Luciano, a renowned expert in the field, shares his valuable insights, providing a comprehensive understanding of this vital relationship.
From cultural exchanges to social connections and economic collaborations, we shed light on the profound impact of this partnership. The conversation uncovers the underlying themes of collaboration and cooperation that have driven the Latin America-European Union relationship, leading to mutually beneficial outcomes for both regions.

This podcast episode was produced as part of the Jean Monnet Atlantic Network 2.0, with the support of the European Union's Erasmus+ Program. The opinions expressed in the recorded content are solely those of the authors, as such, neither the Agency nor the Commission can be held accountable for any use of the information it presents