Whereas the Policy Center for the New South (hereinafter referred to as "the Center") was declared a non-profit organization of public utility, vested with a mission of public interest by Decree No. 2-21-870 of November 9, 2021,  

Aware of the importance of endowing the Center with a Code of Ethics embodying the values to which it is committed and which it shall ensure is upheld by all members as defined in Article 7 of the General Regulations, 

In application of Articles 7 and 16.2 of the PCNS Articles of Association and Article 3 of the General Regulations, 

The founding members of the PCNS have resolved to adopt the following Code of Ethics:

Article 1: Object of the Code

The object of the present Code, which complements provisions of the General Regulations governing establishment of an Ethics Committee, is to specify the principles and values Center members are expected to observe and uphold.

Article 2: Principles and Values of the Centre

The Center operates in accordance with the following guiding principles: 

2.1 Independence 

The Center shall operate in complete independence from public and private institutions and donors.

Members shall not receive instructions or recommendations from anyone in the conduct of their duties.

Moreover, no member of government or parliament, nor anyone holding executive responsibilities in a political party, shall hold office in any of the Center's branches.

2.2 Impartiality 

Members of the Center shall uphold the values of neutrality and objectivity towards authorities, organizations and other partners of the Center, free from partisan considerations.

2.3 Integrity 

Members shall conduct themselves in a fair and honest manner and shall strive to prevent and avoid any situation likely to create a liability to anyone or hinder the performance of their duties and the pursuit of the Center's objectives. 

2.4 Loyalty 

Members shall carry out their duties in accordance with the directions and decisions of the Center's governing bodies.

 2.5 Respect 

Members shall exercise consideration, discretion and courtesy in all interactions with anyone with whom they come into contact in carrying out assigned duties and responsibilities. 

2.6 Diversity and Integrity of Research 

The Center is a neutral institution that promotes diversity and respects the freedom of opinion of members.  This freedom is applied in compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks governing, inter alia, privacy, use of personal data, copyrights and related rights. 

Article 3:  Transparency 

The Center is committed to the principle of transparency.  It shall disclose its activities in an annual report.  Furthermore, its accounts shall be audited annually by an independent auditor.  

Article 4: Conflict of Interest 

Should a member encounter a conflict of interest, he/she shall immediately inform the Executive President who may decide to submit the matter to the Ethics Committee provided for in Article 3 of the General Regulations of the Center. 

Article 5:  Confidentiality 

Where a member has access, in the course of his/her duties or mission, to information deemed confidential by the Center, he/she is prohibited from using it to his/her benefit or that of a third party.

Article 6: Member Responsibility 

Members shall abide by the principle of benevolence, always mindful of the protection of individuals and/or institutions involved in their work and always seeking to serve the public interest.

When the work involves individuals, members shall obtain prior free and unequivocal consent.  Specifically, they shall ensure that these parties are legally competent to enter such commitments, that they act voluntarily and that they have access to sufficient, complete and comprehensible information to enable an informed choice.

In the event of non-compliance with provisions of this charter, the defaulting member shall be notified in writing of any allegation against him/her and shall have the right to be heard by the Ethics Committee and/or provide the Committee with any evidence deemed relevant.

Article 7:  Prohibited Conduct 

Members shall refrain from any conduct that is intended to tarnish the Center’s image, distort attribution of authorship, and/or present results of their work in a biased manner. 

Likewise, all forms of discrimination on the basis of origin, sex, beliefs or any other personal circumstance whatsoever are prohibited. 

Article 8:  Governing body 

The Ethics Committee instituted by Article 3 of the General Regulations of the Center shall oversee the implementation of the present Code of Ethics. 

Article 9:  Effective date 

The present Code shall come into effect upon adoption by the Center's Board of Directors and shall be communicated to all Center members.