Rida Lyammouri
Senior Fellow

Rida Lyammouri is a Senior Fellow at the Policy Center for the New South. His research activities focus on geopolitics and international relations in the West African Sahel, a region he has worked on for about a decade. He has extensive experience supporting both governmental and non-governmental organizations in the areas of international aid, development, and security. Some of the topics he covers include countering violent extremism (CVE), conflict prevention and conflict sensitivity, humanitarian access, and migration. Mr. Lyammouri has contributed to numerous in-depth research and analysis reports aiming at building deeper understanding of regional and domestic challenges. He is often solicited by various stakeholders to provide policy recommendations on how to address various security, economic and political challenges related to West African Sahel. Mr. Lyammouri has also been presented as an expert at various conferences in the US, Europe, and Africa and holds a Master's degree in Public Policy with an emphasis on National Security from the School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs at George Mason University.