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The Policy Center for the New South (PCNS) is a Moroccan think tank whose mission is to contribute to the improvement of the economic and social public policies that challenge, at the beginning of the century, Morocco and the rest of the African continent as integral parts of the global South.

The PCNS advocates for the concept of an open, accountable and enterprising "new South"; a South that defines its own narratives as well as mental maps around the basins of the Mediterranean and the South Atlantic, as part of an forward-looking relationship with the rest of the world. The think tank aims to support, through its analytical endeavours, the development of public policies in Africa, and to give the floor to the experts of the South on the developments that concern them. This positioning, focused on dialogue and partnerships of different origins, is to cultivate African expertise and excellence, able to contribute to the diagnosis and overcoming of the challenges that arise across the continent and the world.

As such, the PCNS brings together researchers, publishes their work and capitalizes on a network of renowned partners, representative of the different regions of the world. The PCNS hosts a series of gatherings of different formats and scales throughout the year, the most important of which are the annual international conferences "The Atlantic Dialogues" and "African Peace and Security Annual Conference".

Finally, the think tank is developing a community of young leaders through the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders program, a space for cooperation and networking between a new generation of decision-makers and entrepreneurs from the government, business and social sectors Through this initiative, which already counts more than 300 members, the Policy Center for the New South contributes to intergenerational dialogue and to the training of the tomorrow’s leaders.


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