Atlantic Dialogues : A More Assertive Atlantic: Its Meaning for the World


9:00 am December 2023


5:00 pm December 2023
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: Marrakech, Morocco

Closed Event – By invitation only

The Policy Center for the New South will be holding the 12th edition of The Atlantic Dialogues, its annual high-level international conference, from December 14th to 16th in Marrakech, Morocco. The Atlantic Dialogues is an annual high-level gathering of influential public and private sectors leaders from around the Atlantic Basin for open, candid and informal discussions on cross-regional and cross-sectoral issues.

Launched in 2012, The Atlantic Dialogues have reached a milestone since they have been running for over a decade. The initial vision was to underscore the growing importance of Africa and Latin America as actors in the Southern Atlantic space by transforming mindsets, mental maps and narratives. Many editions that ensued have addressed key strategic issues with over 400 participants each year from Africa, Latin America, Europe and North America, former presidents and ministers, representatives of major institutions, CEOs, experts and seasoned African, European and US journalists to anchor the panels.

Following the discussion in 2022 on “Cooperation in a Mutating World: Opportunities of the Wider Atlantic” to explore renewed collaboration in times of crises, the AD community will convene again to reflect on what assertiveness can mean for the Atlantic, and what a more assertive Atlantic can mean for the world. To this end, the 2023 edition of the conference will focus on the following theme, "A More Assertive Atlantic: Its Meaning for the World”.

The idea of a more assertive Atlantic is at the root of a number of economic, political and security trends that have the potential to significantly impact on the world. A deeper understanding of the meaning and potential implications of this new perception of the Atlantic Basin is needed, as it marks a shift in the dynamics of the region. Understanding this phenomenon requires exploring different perspectives from Africa, Europe and the Americas.



The Atlantic Dialogues is designed to create an environment that is conducive to facilitating concrete discussions that lead to actionable outcomes. Sessions are designed to promote frank, interactive, and informal discussion through a mix of plenary panels, smaller breakout sessions, and keynote addresses. The event will foster a network of individuals instilled with a new “mental map” of Atlantic issues, partnerships, and potential. This will be achieved through skillfully moderated discussions between the audience and expert discussants.

The Atlantic Dialogues provides an important forum for inclusive dialogue. The format does not allow for speeches during discussions, nor does it allow for formal or seminar-like presentations.

The official proceedings of the Atlantic Dialogues will be conducted in English and the conference will be livestreamed on the conference’s website.

The Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program

Through a flagship young professionals and leadership program, the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders program is dedicated to connecting with rising leaders of future generations.

The Policy Center for the New South is organizing the 2023 Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program, a unique opportunity for 40 selected rising leaders and change-makers, taking place from  December 11th to 16th, 2023, in Marrakech, Morocco. The program will precede and be included in The Atlantic Dialogues Conference.

Past Editions of the Atlantic Dialogues Conference