Drug Policies and Development: Conflict or Coexistence?


3:00 pm March 2021


5:30 pm March 2021
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Discussions around the special Issue of International Development Policy



Panel 1: Drug Policies, Security and Peace-Building

Thursday, March 4th, 2021 | 15h30 – 17h00


Panel 2: The Nexus between Gender & Drug Policies

Friday, March 5th, 2021 | 15h30 – 17h00


The 12th volume of International Development Policy explores the relationship between international drug policy and development goals, both current and within a historical perspective. Contributions address the drugs and development nexus from a range of critical viewpoints, highlighting gaps and contradictions, as well as exploring strategies and opportunities for enhanced linkages between drug control and development programming. Criminalisation and coercive law enforcement-based responses in international and national level drug control are shown to undermine peace, security and development objectives.

The fifteen expert articles which have been published on this subject all show that the implementation of drug policies has a detrimental impact on other global development objectives such as rural development, health, security or poverty, and therefore run counter to stated development goals.

In partnerships with the International Development Policy journal (The Graduate Institute, Geneva), and the Global Commission on Drug Policy (GCDP, Geneva), the Policy Center for the New South (PCNS) organizes two online events featuring authors of the special issue and experts from the Policy Centre to present their findings and discuss current debates that shape drug policy.

More specifically, the authors and experts will discuss the intersection of drug control, security and peacebuilding and the impact of drug control on women and gender issues. The discussions should bring clarity to these complex and multifaceted policy issues.

Thursday, March 4th, 2021


15h30 – 15h45

Opening remarks

Abdelhak Bassou, Senior Fellow, Policy Center for the New South

Khalid Tinasti, Director of the Global Commission on Drug Policy; Fellow at the GSI at the University of Geneva

15h45 – 16h30

- Drug policies, Security and Peacebuilding


Mohamed Loulichki, Senior Fellow, Policy Center for the New South


- Peacebuilding and drug war: incompatibilities and contradictions

Julia Buxton, British Academy Global Professor in Criminology at the University of Manchester and Senior Research Associate at the Global Drug Policy Observatory (GDPO), Swansea University


- Ending the war on drugs in West Africa?

Ane Maria-Goretti Loglo, Legal Practitioner; African Consultant for International Drug Policy Consortium Misunderstanding African Drug Markets

Jason Eligh, Senior Expert, Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime


- Fighting Organized Crime in North Africa: How We Calculate Risks and Appreciate Efforts

El Mostafa Rezrazi, Senior Fellow, Policy Center for the New South

16h30 – 17h00


Friday, March 5th, 2021


15h30 – 16h15

- The Nexus between Childhood, Gender, and Drug Policy


Ugo Panizza, Professor of Economics, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies


- The Gendered Impacts of Drug Policy on Women: Case Studies from Mexico

Corina Giacomello, Associate Researcher with the University of Chiapas, Mexico

- Child rights in global drug policy: From justification to accountability

Damon Barrett, Associate Senior Lecturer, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of Gothenburg; Co-Director, International Centre on Human Rights and Drug Policy

- The evolution of drug policies and its gendered impact on development – a case study of Mauritius

Richard Chelin, Researcher, ENACT Program, Institute for Security Studies

16h15 – 16h45


16h45 – 17h00

Closing remarks

Khalid Tinasti, Executive Secretary of the Global Commission on Drug Policy (GCDP)

Abdelhak Bassou, Senior Fellow, Policy Center for the New South