4x4 Directors Forum - 5th edition


3:00 pm February 2023


12:30 pm February 2023
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The Policy Center for the New South (PCNS) and the French Institute of International Relations (Ifri) organize the fifth edition of the 4x4 Directors Forum on February 1-2, 2023, in Rabat, Morocco. This joint initiative has brought together the directors of four European and four African think tanks to discuss current challenges that both continents are facing annually since its first edition in 2019.

In fact, think tanks play an important role in shaping policies and strategies. They provide platforms to better understand the fast-paced transformations and complex challenges on local, national, continental, and global levels, and are a bridge between governments, research, and academia, as well as civil society and the media. In today’s globalized and increasingly interconnected world, society faces new challenges such as ‘fact-free’ and ’post-truth’ zones where evidence-based contributions and knowledge are sometimes disregarded, even rejected, creating uncertainty around policymaking. In these trying times, think tanks have the obligation to counter these trends by offering evidence-based assessments that are accessible to the public and decision-makers.

It is in this spirit that the 4x4 Directors Forum was established. For this edition, four topics of interest will be discussed:

- The overlapping effects of the energy crisis

- The BRICS expansion in a changing global balance of power

- China’s economic outlook for 2030

- The future of international security