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Leonardo Parraga

As well, being part of the network has allowed me to keep in touch with leading professionals who have helped me to define my path. Finally, I am really grateful for opportunities being provided after the program by the Policy Center for the New South, such as taking part in events of my interest like the Paris Peace Forum, where I was able to establish links helping me to move forward the agenda of youth participation in peacebuilding. "

Parraga, ADEL 2016
Titre Adel Community: 
Executive Director, The BogotArt Foundation, Columbia

I participated in 2016 as an Emerging Leader at the Atlantic Dialogues. As someone coming from Colombia, my perspective of cooperation was limited to a North-South agenda and I couldn't think outside this box. Participating at the event was a way to recognize that we have many strengths in the Global South and working together and sharing our skills and knowledge we can turn untapped potential into sustainable and innovative development.

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