Marianna Albuquerque, Santiago Theoduloz, Strahinja Matejic

Trying to highlight only one aspect about the great ADEL experience is not an easy task. However, we chose to emphasize not the professional realm, but the fostering of people-to-people relations. One of the most important results of the experience – apart from the enriching discussions – was to get to know each other and start a profound friendship.

Thanks to ADEL, three people from different countries – Brazil, Serbia, and Uruguay – are now connected through a program in Africa, working together with a common aim, and developing joint projects. We realized that together, we would be significantly stronger multipliers of getting the best from each other and benefiting our communities.

Thus, the ADEL program did not only provide an opportunity to spend several outstanding days in Morocco, but to jointly develop a long-lasting impact. The diversity of the cohort is what allowed us to understand different perspectives and visions about our common future, in the wider Atlantic. We remained a part of the wider ADEL and PCNS family.

For us three, it was also a good opportunity to start thinking with an Atlantic perspective in the global context (amid the crisis…and opportunities) – something that is now present in our current and frequent discussions.

ADEL was truly an experience to be part of!