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Dialogues Stratégiques : La crise du multilatéralisme : vers une redéfinition des relations Nord-Sud ? La nouvelle géopolitique de la Corne de l’Afrique

Abdelhak Bassou , Otaviano Canuto , Pascal Chaigneau, Amiral Oudot de Dainville, Rachid El Houdaigui , Thierry Garcin, Jacques Gravereau, Sonia Le Gouriellec, Jamal Machrouh , Fathallah Oualalou , Anne-Sophie Raujol, Youssef Tobi , Alfredo G.A. Valladão , Henri-Louis Védie | October 17, 2019

Les Dialogues Stratégiques, une collaboration entre HEC Center for Geopolitcs et Policy Center for the New South, représentent une plateforme d’...

Traps on the Road to High Income

Otaviano Canuto | April 25, 2019

The “middle-income trap” has become a broad designation trying to capture the many cases of developing countries that succeeded in evolving from low...

ATLANTIC CURRENTS : An Annual Report on Wider Atlantic Perspectives and Patterns - Overcoming the Choke Points

Abdelhak Bassou , Badr Mandri, Bouchra Rahmouni , El Mostafa Rezrazi , Eric Ntumba, Fatima Ezzahra Mengoub , Hafsat Abiola, Mbuih Zukane, Mohamed Benaïssa, Mohammed Loulichki , Otaviano Canuto , Paulo Antonio Paranagua, Rachid El Houdaigui , Rim Berahab , Soukeyna Ndiaye Ba, Tharcisse Guèdègbé, Uri Dadush , Yassine Msadfa, Younes Abouyoub, Youssef Mahmoud | December 13, 2018

The yearly Atlantic Currents publication aims to provide a detailed analysis and a fresh perspective about ongoing cultural, economic, political and...

Overlapping Globalizations

Otaviano Canuto | November 27, 2017

Current technological developments in manufacturing are likely to lead to a partial reversal of the wave of fragmentation and global value chains...