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Mitigating the Adjustment Costs of International Trade

Uri Dadush , Sait Akman, Clara Brandi, Peter Draper , Andreas Freytag , Miriam Kautz , Peter Rashish , Johannes Schwarzer , Rob Vos | June 25, 2018

In the present era of globalization and rapid technological advance living standards across the world have risen at unprecedented rates, and over a...

The Protectionist’s Progress: Year 1

Uri Dadush | December 05, 2017

President Trump’s actions on trade have not quite matched his rhetoric, but the worst may be to come. Though the political opposition to his...

The Future of Globalization

Uri Dadush | May 22, 2017

This brief reviews the main features of the recent globalization, attempts to explain its persistence over the centuries and why it is likely to...