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Artificial Intelligence and the Rule of War

Helmut sorge | Posted : April 03, 2020

His delicate, almost floating touches created a hitherto unseen aesthetic perfection: the enigmatic face the Mona Lisa. The mysterious woman, captured on a panel of poplar wood, is the work of a genius, possibly one of the greatest minds in human history: Leonardo da Vinci.

A Game of Russian Roulette

Helmut Sorge | Posted : March 12, 2020

For a second, the uniformed officer looked threatening. He followed me. When I reached the stairs leading to my Transavia flight to Paris, he stepped in front of me, asking, “Sir, may I talk to you for a second?” Did he suspect I was smuggling precious Islamic art or some cannabis, the popular Kif? “When are you returning to Marrakech,” the customs officer inquired. “In four days”, I replied. “Perfect,” was his reaction. “May I ask you to buy in a French pharmacy the drugs mentioned on this prescription for my mother?” Before I could react, he handed me the medical paper and added, “Mama, Allah protect her, believes those rumors that some of the pharmaceutical products sold in our pharmacies are fake, substandard or outdated.”

How can German Democracy be Protected Against a Swing to the Radical Right?

Helmut Sorge | Posted : March 09, 2020

Adolf Hitler envisaged a Germanic empire ruling the planet for 1000 years. History imposed another scenario: after 12 years in power, the delusional führer swallowed a deadly cyanide capsule and, to be absolutely certain, shot himself with his personal Walther pistol. It was April, 30, 1945. The surrender of the Nazi Reich was near. The dictator’s personal guard followed the führer’s orders even while their hero was turning cold and carried Hitler and his wife of one day, Eva Braun, into the garden, adjacent to the underground bunker. They doused the bodies with petrol, and while Hitler was in flames, clicked their heels and raised their right arms in a final salute to a man judged by Winston Churchill as a “monster of wickedness, insatiable in his lust for blood and plunder.”

The Evidence is Indisputable: An Opinion on Internet’s Energy Footprint

Helmut Sorge | Posted : February 05, 2020

I am pleading guilty. The evidence is indisputable, and denial a waste of time. I am using a weapon of mass destruction and threatening the future of our planet. I am killing life, a premeditated act. I   just have one excuse and four billion accomplices. I am an addict - a   polluter.  I use the internet.

In 1969, History was Written

Helmut Sorge | Posted : January 24, 2020

“A political golden handshake”

1969- for the first time in human history, a man would set foot onto the moon. Richard Nixon had moved into the White House, Dwight D. Eisenhower, war hero and President, died in an Army hospital in Washington D.C. An icon was buried, and the power elite drowned their sorrow in French cuisine and a couple cases of Chateau Mouton Rothschild. Washington had discovered French cuisine, Perrier water, croissants and baguette and la France was en vogue. May be not Charles de Gaulle, mais la culture culinaire. Restaurants like “Rive Gauche “were fashionable or “Chez François”. And there was the “Sans Souci” on 17th Street, in walking distance to the White House.

Death was Late

Helmut Sorge | Posted : January 15, 2020

“The Nightmare we feared has arrived”

Death was late because the departure time of the plane was delayed. But death arrived- six minutes after takeoff from Tehran’s “Imam Khomeini International Airport. It was still dark, 6.12 hours’ local time, when flight 752 of “Ukraine International Airlines” took course toward Kyiv, the Ukraine capital three hours and fourty two minutes away. The Boeing 737 800 NG had reached 2400 meters, when the American military’s “Space Based Infrared System” (which relies in various orbits to track launch and flight path of ballistic missiles) detected two missile launches near Tehran, capital of Iran.

U.S. Foreign Policy: No Predictability or Logic?

Helmut Sorge | Posted : January 07, 2020

It must have flattered Donald Trump to be honored by a dictator, whom he publicly confessed to love and hold in high esteem. North Koreas Kim Yong-un had ordered that a stamp would be issued commemorating the meeting of the two leaders at Panmunjon, at the demilitarized zone between the north and south. The US President made history when he walked in June of this year a few steps onto North Korean territory, the first American President ever to enter the communist state, ready to make a deal-the total and verifiable denuclearization of the Peninsula.

Colombia: Heading Back Towards Jungles and Mountains

Helmut Sorge | Posted : November 26, 2019


Beyond the verbal anarchy celebrated by President Donald Trump, or the annihilation of abandoned Kurdish allies of the United States, the never ending destruction of Yemen, the threatening warfare against Iran, a massacre by Iraqi forces to intimidate protesters against a failing government, more gas and ammunition fired in Hong Kong to oppress untamable activist fearing their loss of freedom, Britain crashing out of the European Union, abandoning common sense and democratic dignity… Yes, beyond these headlines, another drama is slowly placing its news onto the front pages—the civil war in Colombia. Three years after the signature of a celebrated Nobel prize honored peace treaty. A historic battle, half a century in the making, killing between 1958 and 2013, 220 000 people, more than five million civilians were forced from their homes (1985 to 2012) generating the world’s second largest population of internally displaced persons, among them 2.3 million children. And 45 000 kids paid for the insanity with their lives.