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Margot Le Guen, ADEL 2014

Senior Research Staff Assistant, International Research Institute for Climate and Society

" The Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders program enabled me to interact with young, fascinating people, facing the same challenges I face as a young change maker. Talking to them allowed for a substantial and valuable exchange of ideas and experiences on shared economic, political and social issues.


The quality of the networking made the experience extraordinarily stimulating on both personal and professional levels. The EL program is perfect in its gathering of young leaders in various fields as well as high-caliber speakers and experts in a 100% interactive forum. "

Romain Limouzin, ADEL 2014

Associate Director, Meridiam

" It was a unique opportunity to meet brilliant young people from all over the transatlantic world, from different fields, all committed to a better common future. The team discussions and the presentations revealed the possibility to make things happen.


The individual experiences proved that the leadership and the capacity to influence people are at reach when supported by talent and real willingness to act. It gave me examples of successes and probably a more open-minded view of the initiatives that can be engaged in order to support ideas and actions. "

Bertrand Mama

Research Officer, Presidency of Benin, Benin

Les dialogues atlantiques et le programme des leaders émergents (Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders program) organisés par le Policy Center for the New South sont des initiatives africaines, portées par des africains et mises en œuvre sur le continent africain.


Ils s’inscrivent dans une double dynamique de dialogue intergénérationnel entre les leaders d’aujourd’hui et les leaders émergents d’une part et le dialogue entre pays du bassin atlantique d’autre part. Ces assises permettent la rencontre de jeunes qui portent tous l’idéal d’impacter positivement leur communauté, d’apporter des changements positifs à travers leurs actions innovantes, afin de contribuer au progrès de l’humanité. Elles mettent en lumière le potentiel de créativité et d’innovation de la jeunesse, de même que sa capacité à apporter des solutions nouvelles aux défis de son époque et de son temps. En plus du partage d’idées, d’expériences, d’apprentissage par les pairs et de réseautage, les dialogues atlantiques et le programme des leaders émergents favorisent également l’établissement de pont intergénérationnel entre les jeunes et les dirigeants d’aujourd’hui, autour des problématiques mondiales. Pour avoir eu la chance d’y participer en 2017, je voudrais reconnaitre et saluer ici la qualité de cet évènement, la pertinence des thématiques de discussions, la diversité des profils des participants et la qualité des panélistes et de leurs idées inspirantes.

Jean Claude Muhire, ADEL 2017

Founder and President, Love the Kids Foundation, Rwanda

In 2017, I  was among the lucky 50 young leaders selected from a pool of over 1000 applicants to take part in the 6th edition of the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program. When I traveled to Marrakesh, I met the other 49 Young Leaders who are doing incredible work in different communities from across the Atlantic basin.


We had the opportunity to learn more about the work of the Policy Center for the New South, take part in stimulating discussions and also visit different sites and institutions which are creating great impact in Morocco, like the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. ADEL was a great platform to connect, inspire, motivate and call upon distinguished people with various backgrounds to transform lives in communities. Talks and conversations have very much focused on different areas including education, agriculture, business and entrepreneurship, leadership, and so on. I was also invited to take part in a live debate during the ADEL program where I talked about my contribution in promoting education for the vulnerable children of Rwanda. Last but most importantly, I had a chance to pitch a project to all conference participants. The feedback was always motivating and appreciative. "

Leonardo Parraga, ADEL 2016

Executive Director, The BogotArt Foundation, Columbia

I participated in 2016 as an Emerging Leader at the Atlantic Dialogues. As someone coming from Colombia, my perspective of cooperation was limited to a North-South agenda and I couldn't think outside this box. Participating at the event was a way to recognize that we have many strengths in the Global South and working together and sharing our skills and knowledge we can turn untapped potential into sustainable and innovative development.


As well, being part of the network has allowed me to keep in touch with leading professionals who have helped me to define my path. Finally, I am really grateful for opportunities being provided after the program by the Policy Center for the New South, such as taking part in events of my interest like the Paris Peace Forum, where I was able to establish links helping me to move forward the agenda of youth participation in peacebuilding. "

Antonella Pelizzari, ADEL 2019

Advisor on International Affairs to the Secretary of Strategic Affairs, Office of the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of Argentina

The ADEL Program offers a unique opportunity to build a strong and diverse network with the emerging leaders from the Atlantic basin, as well as to engage with high-level senior officials, business leaders, academics, opinion shapers and the most relevant civil society actors.


 I was part of the 2019 cohort, where I have learned and shared with an amazing group of outstanding changemakers who seek to expand the scope of the dynamics between our societies, especially among those from Latin America and Africa. In this sense, it was an empowering experience to immerse myself in the cultural differences of the Atlantic community pursuing what enriches and strengthens us all.n particular, I was completely amazed by the strong, diligent and inspiring women that have been gathered during this program and the stories they shared, both participants and speakers but also the Policy Center for the New South's ADEL organizng team.

Maximo Plo Seco

Director of Operations for Europe, Diversity Atlas, Cultural Infusion

If you are committed to universal wellbeing, you need to find those people and communities that are committed as well. The Atlantic Dialogues is one of these communities, but with some particularities.


First, it is facilitated by the Policy Center for the New South, with the idea of putting the Global South’s agenda in the first page, something which is very much needed to create a balanced and cohesive world. Second, the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program is extremely well curated, you will learn a lot, but you will also feel really well taken care of. Third, it is a program committed to creating an engaged community; your ideas and initiatives will be listened to, you will meet fantastic peers, and you will become part of a dynamic group that is heartily striving to solve the challenges of our time.

Thomas Richter, ADEL 2018

Senior Advisor & Chief of Staff Brussels Office, IDA Group, Germany

" In Europe, the Atlantic community is often just the US and Europe. The ADEL provide a unique setting to bring together emerging leaders from the 4 Atlantic continents. The program highlights that despite all our differences, we share many of the same challenges, hope and dreams.In Europe, the Atlantic community is often just the US and Europe.


ADEL brings problem-solvers and movers together. So within the one week we spent in Marrakesh we started to develop solutions for challenges we face. The ADEL community demonstrates that our generation is not waiting for solutions but is delivering them on their own. It was an incredibly rewarding opportunity, intellectually stimulating and culturally enriching and I remain in touch with many fellow emerging leaders to this day. "

Clarissa Rios, ADEL 2016

Founder and Director, Ekpapalek, Peru

In 2016 while I was finishing my PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Queensland in Australia I started to feel the urge to contribute to the world with something else than only my scientific work at the laboratory. This feeling pushed me to search for opportunities where I could expand my knowledge in international development, leadership and global governance. That is how I found The Atlantic Dialogues, which is the leading annual forum for decision-makers to discuss global issues and partnerships with an emphasis on the Southern Atlantic and transatlantic relations which is now solely organized by the Policy Center for the New South.


That year the fifth edition of the Atlantic Dialogues was held under the theme 'Changing Mental Maps: Strategies for an Atlantic in Transition.' In addition, they were also offering the possibility to apply to the Emerging Leaders Program and were looking for talent from all over the world. I applied and I was so happy and honored when they selected me and trusted that I could be a good addition to the team. I learned and connected with many leaders from all over the world during this high-level gathering and also I had the opportunity to be part of a panel where we discussed women empowerment in Latin-America, Africa and Asia. For me, attending the Atlantic Dialogues and being part of the team of Emerging Leaders gave me a unique opportunity to interact with leaders from the four continents of the Atlantic, to debate about the changing dynamics across the Atlantic basin and also gave me the chance to contribute to shaping the transatlantic agenda.

I encourage all young talent around the world to apply for the next Atlantic Dialogues Because it is a unique opportunity to unleash your talent and contribute to the international dialogue that means so much for young voices representing all corners of the world. "

Adaeze Umolu, ADEL 2015

Technical Advisor, Business Resource Development, Management Sciences for Health, Nigeria

" The leadership programme was incredibly useful, considering that my role at my organisation requires that I engage people on the mission and intervention of our development work in Nigeria and globally.



I therefore benefited from the communication and networking lessons. Also my principles and thought process have been greatly influenced by EL & AD, I understand how my actions in my country has an impact in the global space and transatlantic continents especially. I understand how leaders reason and what the expectations are to be a leading voice for my generation when I am called upon to step up to the task. I was also able to connect with other leaders who have a passion for similar cause for creating a strong girl-child and rounded woman eventually. Best of all I met some of the brightest minds as fellow Emerging Leaders and established leaders globally. I am more inspired to do right for my nation and within the positions that I find myself occupy. I am grateful for the impact I was exposed to and will forever value the connections. "