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Halima El Joundi, ADEL 2015

Founder & Business Developer, Dis Abled

" The cameras went off. The ballroom is bright-lit now. The overwhelming closing ceremony has just finished. At the bordering hall, an eleventh hour exchange of business cards is happening.


All I can hear in languages I recognize, are kind words.. words of encouragements.. amiable pats on the back. I see sincerity on faces by now familiar to me.. some I may even call my friends.. We are about to take the group picture.. from my left I hear a colleague whispering ¨Oh boy.. that was something¨. Indeed, it was an experience to remember.. one that leaves you wanting more. "

Ghita El Kasri, ADEL 2018

Chief Operating Officer, United Coin, Morocco

" Ma participation au programme Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders fût une expérience très enrichissante dans sa multiculturalité et sa diversité. Échanger avec les Emerging Leaders sur différents sujets permet de promouvoir l’innovation, l’engagement et la sensibilisation autour des problématiques sociales, économiques et politiques autour du bassin Atlantique. Une formidable cohorte qui mène vers des changements positifs, je le recommande vivement à la diaspora marocaine et tous les jeunes leaders qui souhaitent avoir un impact sociale et économique. "


Nchimunya Hamukoma, ADEL 2018

Senior Researcher, The Brenthurst Foundation, South Africa

" In 2018, I got to have the amazing experience of being part of the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders 2018 Cohort . The reason the program was so amazing was because it gave me the opportunity to know what a thriving professional environment looks like for me. Oftentimes as we move along in our careers we get stuck in routine and the idea that our lives are supposed to happen on the weekend.


But the team at Policy Center for the New South put together the kind of program that disrupted my notions of what work could like and gave me a platform, tools and the teammates to create the kind of world I'd like to see. Thank you so much to everyone on the organizing team and to all the participants for creating a truly life changing moment! I'm really looking forward to how millennials will change the future of work in 2019! "

Roger Hilton, ADEL 2019

Defence and Security Stream Manager, GLOBSEC

It is impossible to attend the Atlantic Dialogue Emerging Leaders (ADEL) program and not come away a better person.


The curriculum during the program helped advance my professional standing and afforded me the opportunity to learn about new cultures and languages. I have made relations for life in Marrakesh and look forward to reconnecting with ADEL community around the world.

Katherine Hudak, ADEL 2014

Junior Consultant, African Development Bank, South Africa

" The Emerging Leaders experience provided me with a network of dynamic and inspiring young professionals with whom I’ve shared insights, knowledge, contacts, and encouragement.


Since last year, I’ve met with five Emerging Leaders in various parts of the world. I’ve hosted ELs in Cape Town, met up on trips to Johannesburg, and now had my move to the Cote d’Ivoire assisted by an Emerging Leader in Abidjan. "

Mostafa Jamea, ADEL 2014

Project Manager and Researcher, MENA renewables and sustainability (MENARES), Morocco

The Emerging Leaders Program opened my networking perspectives to new horizons. It was also a great opportunity to meet inspiring former/current presidents, ministers and leaders from the globe. "


Sara Kadaoui, ADEL 2015

Project Management & Business Development, M2t, Morocco

The Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders program was an expectational opportunity for me to meet talented individuals committed to meaningful causes from all sides of the Atlantic.


In addition to the valuable conferences, Emerging Leaders get to meet an incredible professional network and make encounters that last beyond the program. It has been an unforgettable experience. "

Soufiane Khebbaz, ADEL 2016

Program Assistant, Derb Ghaled Association for Development, Morocco

" The Atlantic Dialogue was a great opportunity to challenge policymakers and highlight the fact that science, technology and innovation policies lack a gender perspective.


As such policies do not adequately and equitably address all development concerns. Inequalities between women and men in terms of access to capital, resources and government support create challenges for women entrepreneurs. "

Youssef Kobo, ADEL 2016

Director, A Seat At The Table

The Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders program by the Policy Center of the New South provides an ideal platform for accomplished young professionals with a passion for policy and societal impact. Once a year PCNS gathers a new cohort of rising leaders, entrepreneurs and trailblazers from around the world to focus on new solutions for the world’s most pressing issues.


The ADEL program is unique because not only does it focus on the future, but in alignment with the famed Atlantic Dialogues conference, it enables it. It provides the guidelines for a world stage where Africa rises to its potential and takes a center stage in the global economy and political landscape.

This was one of a few occasions in the last couple of years where I've truly felt inspired. My recent ventures in Africa were inspired by the people I've met and the stories I've heard at the Atlantic Dialogues and the Emerging Leaders program. It is one of a few programs that truly deserves the epithet 'life changing'.

I'm exhilarated by the work of the Policy Center for the New South, OCP and Morocco as trailblazers for a new dawn for the African continent.

Jordan Kronen, ADEL 2019

Legislative Assistant Washington State for Senator Liz Lovelett, Washington State Senate

It is not every day that one gets to experience a program exposing them to unparalleled insights from world leaders, discussing hot topics and global trends with expert panels, and an opportunity to interact with like-minded young change makers motivated for good.


The Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders program is exactly that and more. I now have an extended family of young professionals hailing from all over the world, one more inspiring than the next, whom I continuously collaborate, learn from, and entrust. These emerging leaders are truly what makes this program dynamic and unique and our time together was both instructive and stimulating. Through thought-provoking seminars, interactive leadership exercises, and reflective, mindful sessions, we spoke candidly and honestly about what leadership should look like, how it should operate, and whom it should serve. I came back from the program more eager than ever to try and make a difference in my community. I enthusiastically recommend the ADEL program to anyone who is interested in geo-politics concentrated on the Global South, self-growth both personally and professionally, and becoming a part of an alumni network driven to change the world for the better.