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Nitika Agarwal, ADEL 2014

Senior Policy Advisor, Her Majesty’s Treasury, UK

The participation to the Emerging Leaders Program encouraged me to articulate my own goals and vision to myself.


I now have a varied network of young professionals across the world, whom I have met with since, and I found the experience of presenting on stage with my peers in front of experts an extremely valuable learning experience."

Samira Azzam, ADEL 2014

Manager, Global Government Relations, Accenture

" The Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders program stands out for its networking. The 2014 Emerging Leaders have stayed in close contact, sharing their accomplishments and opportunities for collaboration. It is an alumni group that I am confident will maintain its strength into the future. "


Ali Belhaj Zahi, ADEL 2018

CEO and Co-Founder, EVOCRAFT, Tunisia

L’expérience que je viens de vivre dans le cadre de ce programme Emerging Leader va constituer une source d’inspiration dans ma vie professionnelle de jeune élue locale et d’entrepreneure. C’est la toute première fois que je participe à un programme qui offre autant de thématiques et qui met en liaison des jeunes de différents horizons. "


Ryan Berger, ADEL 2014

Postgraduate Student, Columbia University, Canada

The ability to debate shared 21st-century challenges with an array of emerging leaders with diverse backgrounds - representing the North and South Atlantic, developing and developed countries, and the public, private and nonprofit sectors - made the program an immensely worthwhile and valuable experience. I recommend it to everyone. "


Alexandru Cosmin Buteica, ADEL 2015

Operations Analyst, World Bank, Romania

The Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders program provided me with the unique chance to meet bright people that have the energy and passion to lead their communities towards a positive developmental path. The various networking opportunities, seminars, and panels and crisis simulation exercises vibed-up my curiosity and understanding on complementary areas of my work.


I was honored to have the chance to exchange opinions and ideas on various topics, from political and economic thinking, to nowadays challenges with many high-ranked international officials. I trust that through the Emerging Leaders network one may collaboratively develop solutions or draw better paths for mitigating regional and global issues. "

Teocah Dove, ADEL 2015

Director of Donors and Partnerships, Caribbean Youth Policy Institute, Trinidad and Tobago

The Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program (ADEL) stands as a signpost in my professional development journey due to the varied experiences I encountered. From the EL to the Atlantic Dialogues the context-rich contributions by panelist and members of the audience, served to re-educate me on the single story I knew of Africa.


Prior my participation, I was ignorant to the opportunities and potential that existed in Africa. The wealth of information expanded my knowledge set and allowed me the opportunity to engage with policymakers from the continent sharing my ideas on advancing the lives of at-risk and vulnerable groups. 

My highlight, was being given the opportunity to contribute to the forum on the last day on a panel of distinguished professionals. The opportunity introduced me to an audience that in large part would not have known me or my ideas. Following the panel discussion, I was approached by several persons who indicated interest in collaboration and kept in contact to date. The EPL allowed me the platform to give voice to my experiences and share my thoughts, the opportunity to make lifelong friends, the network to initiate global change and a life altering experience that has made an indelible mark on my professional journey. "

Mohamed El Dahshan, ADEL 2018

Managing Director, OXCON Frontier Markets and Fragile States Consulting, Egypt

I was encouraged to apply to the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders program by Alumni who have long praised the value of the program. In addition, I was particularly keen on joining a world class  leadership program organized on the continent by an African institution; and indeed, the Policy Centre for the New South delivered with brilliance.


The program was very well designed, with particular sensibility to the African and North African contexts. Participants, too, were all of very high calibre; allowing for quality discussions, interesting exchanges,  even enriching disagreements. In addition, as the ADEL program dovetailed into the Atlantic Dialogues conference, the transition was seamless and the integration of ADEL participants into the conference well designed and well acknowledged; rather than being included in the program as token 'youth' participants, I particularly appreciated the recognition of their expertise by organizers and attendees alike. It is definitely an experience that I strongly recommend to those considering applying! "

Asmae El Hajji, ADEL 2018

Social activist and Phd researcher, Tariq Ibnou Ziyad Initiative (TIZI), Morocco

" Ma participation à la 8ème édition des Atlantic Dialogues Emerging leader Program (ADEL), est une expérience exceptionnelle. C’est l’exemple d’une initiative innovante, qui nous permet de faire entendre nos voix, et penser un monde meilleur ! Nous avons vécus beaucoup d’échanges et de partage entre des jeunes acteurs passionnés, et motivés pour contribuer aux changements positifs dans les différents domaines (politique, social, économiques etc…)


Pareillement, les panels inspirants, les ateliers et formations sont venus compléter notre ambition, avec des contenus et problématiques très pertinentes, dans un cadre de partage des expériences et des challenges communs ! Le programme nous a permis également de participer à un dialogue intergénérationnel et d’avoir une réflexion sur les grands enjeux autant globaux que domestiques de notre société. Ce programme est sans doute un succès, et une fierté pour notre pays ! "

Halima El Joundi, ADEL 2015

Founder & Business Developer, Dis Abled

" The cameras went off. The ballroom is bright-lit now. The overwhelming closing ceremony has just finished. At the bordering hall, an eleventh hour exchange of business cards is happening.


All I can hear in languages I recognize, are kind words.. words of encouragements.. amiable pats on the back. I see sincerity on faces by now familiar to me.. some I may even call my friends.. We are about to take the group picture.. from my left I hear a colleague whispering ¨Oh boy.. that was something¨. Indeed, it was an experience to remember.. one that leaves you wanting more. "

Ghita El Kasri, ADEL 2018

Chief Operating Officer, United Coin, Morocco

" Ma participation au programme Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders fût une expérience très enrichissante dans sa multiculturalité et sa diversité. Échanger avec les Emerging Leaders sur différents sujets permet de promouvoir l’innovation, l’engagement et la sensibilisation autour des problématiques sociales, économiques et politiques autour du bassin Atlantique. Une formidable cohorte qui mène vers des changements positifs, je le recommande vivement à la diaspora marocaine et tous les jeunes leaders qui souhaitent avoir un impact sociale et économique. "



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