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Abouyoub Hassan

Ambassador to Italy, Morocco

Hassan Abouyoub has been the ambassador of Morocco to Italy since 2009. Prior to becoming ambassador, he served as itinerant ambassador, ambassador of Morocco to France, and minister for agriculture, implementing Morocco’s commitment to the WTO Agreement on Agriculture and serving as the negotiator for the EU fisheries agreement and the Euro-Mediterranean agreement.

Previously, Abouyoub served as Morocco’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, a member of parliament, and minister of foreign trade and investment. Notably, he developed and implemented the reform of Morocco’s trade policy and led the country’s accession to GATT. Furthermore, he has promoted the principle of trade liberalization throughout the Arab World in accordance with the rules and disciplines of the multilateral trade system. Abouyoub’s expertise in the fields of multilateral trade, trade agreements, regional integration, and trade policies is internationally recognized.

Abouyoub Younes

Director of the Governance and State-Building Division for the MENA Region, United Nations

Former head of the political office of the UN Under-Secretary General for Conflict Prevention and Senior political advisor to the UN Secretary General Special Envoy to Burundi. He directed the political office of the UN Secretary General Special Envoy to Yemen and acted as his Senior special advisor.

He also was the Senior political officer in charge of the regional affairs in the UN political mission to Libya (UNSMIL) and head of office of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in Libya. He also served as Senior Regional Expert in the Un Security Council Panel of Experts on Sudan (Darfur) and worked for the United Nations Department of Political Affairs (New York) and the United Nations Environment Program in Nairobi. Mr. Younes Abouyoub holds a Ph.D. in political sociology (Paris Sorbonne/Columbia University) and M.A. in Geopolitics and Law.

Abraham Sadé

Program Director, Fellow, Harvard University, Trinidad and Tobago

Sadé Abraham is a learning scientist and pipeline initiative strategist committed to supporting the underserved in our education pipeline.

Born in Trinidad & Tobago and raised in Queens, New York, Sadé recently completed her second masters in cognitive neuroscience at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and continues to serve at the university as a Presidential Fellow. Committed to finding solutions to today’s most urgent problems, Sadé’s research explores poverty, economic mobility and class through the lens of neurocognition, socio-linguistics and education. Prior to Harvard, Sadé spent 5 years working in post-secondary education including 3 amazing years in Abu Dhabi and Dubai serving U.S. institutions in the Middle East instructing first year students and serving as an academic advisor. A firm believer the work of equity, diversity and inclusion, Sadé is passionate about creating a supportive, informative, and engaging experience that celebrates the intersectionality and nuance of identity. In Sadé non-existent free time, she enjoys brunches, soca music, flirting with vegetarianism and unpacking the Myer-Briggs/Strengths Quest results of anyone that would allow!

Abrusci Carolina

Professor, School of Political Science, Central University of Venezuela

Carolina Abrusci is a professor at the Central University of Venezuela’s School of Political and Administrative Studies. She has a master's degree in international politics from the Complutense University of Madrid and is currently a Ph.D.

candidate in Latin American studies at the Ortega and Gasset Institute, located in Madrid, Spain. Carolina has been policy advisor and consultant while also actively participating in politics. She is the current national deputy secretary for the Youth of Democratic Action (Acción Demoncrática), an opposition political party in Venezuela. In addition, Carolina is the delegate in Venezuela to the Fundación Ciudadanía y Valores in Madrid, a columnist in several digital portals in Venezuela, as well as a host of a weekly radio program.

Aburdene Odeh

President, OAI Advisors

Odeh Aburdene is the president of OAI Advisors, which provides advice and consults on Middle East business, energy, and private equity.

Prior to that he was a managing partner of Capital Trust S. A. , where he remains a senior advisor. At Capital Trust, Dr. Aburdene’s focus was developing strategic relationships with private equity funds such as Blackstone, Quadrangle, Perseus, Centre Partners and the Trident Funds Group. He is a member of the New York Council on Foreign Relations, the International Advisory Board of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, the Suffolk University Board of International Advisors, the Advisory Board of the Rand Center for Middle East Public Policy, the Advisory Committee of The Sadat Lecture For Peace and the Advisory Board of Search for Common Ground. Dr. Aburdene also serves on the Boards of America-Mideas. Dr. Aburdene received his Ph. D. from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, specializing in oil economics.

Acouetey Didier

President and Founder of the AfricSearch Group

Since 1996, he leads the first international recruitment and Human Resources consulting firm specializing in Africa.With its partner Alexander Hughes, an international Executive Search firm, the Africsearch-Alexander Hughes Group is present in 50 countries.

As business advisor to several African major corporations and governments, he has built an extensive network. Active member of several think tanks and promoter of the “Youth Excellency Program”, he has also co-founded the first Africa South East Asia Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. In this context, he contributes to the mobilization of funds for African businesses and States. He launched in 2014 the first African SME financing forum, in partnership with African Guarantee Fund, IFC, the African Development Bank and Afreximbank. He received the 2014 African Entrepreneur Award of the Yearin France and has been listed among the 50 most active Africans in the world by various international publications. He is a graduate of Ecole des Arts et Métiers (Paris), holds an MBA from ESCP EAP, one of the top French business schools, and attended high level programs on strategy and management, including at Harvard Business School.

Acouetey Didier

President AfricaSearch, Togo

Didier Acouetey is President and Founder of the AfricaSearch Group, the first recruitment and Human Resources management firm specialized in Africa, which makes him one of the first in Europe to participate actively in reversing the African “brain drain”.

As business advisor to several of Africa’s major companies and public institutions, Didier Acouetey has built up an extensive network of contacts in the African business and political community. Further, Didier Acouetey is Vice-President of “Groupe Initiative Afrique”, a Think Tank that gathers top African economic and political decision makers. He is also member of other active organizations such as Africa 2. 0 and Aspen Institute. He is also the promoter of the ‘Youth Excellency Program’, an organization that operates in different African countries to promote Young Africans Leaders. In November 2000, he has co-founded the first Africa South East Asia Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. In 2014, Didier received the African Entrepreneur Award of the Year in France. Didier Acouetey is a graduate from the Arts et Métiers school in Paris, and holds a Bachelor degree and a MBA from ESCP EAP.

Adegoke Yinka

Editor, Quartz Africa, Nigeria

Journalist, Africa editor for Quartz.

He oversaw the launch of Quartz Africa in June 2015 and coordinates its news, ideas and events in partnership with an editorial team across the continent. Founding board member of Social Media Week Lagos and launched the Billboard Africa Music Day event. As a journalist, he reported from more than 10 countries across Europe, Africa and the Americas. He was deputy editor at Billboard, where he ran the business coverage for the world’s leading music magazine brand. Earlier, he was an editor at New Media Age in London and a regular writer for The Guardian and The Financial Times.

Adelle Camilla

Research Fellow, Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation

Camilla Adelle is a research fellow at the Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation.

She is also a senior research associate at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of East Anglia (Norwich, U. K. ) and a research associate at the Institute for European Environmental Policy in London and Brussels. Her current research interests include EU-Africa relations in the field of environment and natural resources, policy integration and coordination, and transnational networks. Ms. Adelle also has considerable research experience in the governance aspects of policy level (regulatory) impact assessment, especially with regards to its potential to integrate sustainable development into the policy making process. She is co-editor (with Andrew Jordan) of Environmental Policy in the European Union: Contexts, Actors and Policy Dynamics (2012).

Adenowu Olukorede

Managing Director and Co-Head of Financial Institutions, Standard Chartered Bank in Africa

Olukorede Adenowu is managing director and co-head of financial institutions for Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) in Africa.

Olukorede Adenowu is managing director and co-head of financial institutions for Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) in Africa. With 28 years of experience in banking and consulting, he has served as managing director for SCB West and Central Africa, deputy managing director of SCB Cameroon, and director in wholesale bank in SCB Nigeria. He was a founding staff member of SCB Nigeria and has held several positions in the SCB Group in the last 15 years. Adenowu has been a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria since 2000. He is an alumnus of Said Business School of Oxford University and holds an MBA from University of Navarra, Barcelona, Spain.