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Policy Center for the New South is organizing the eighth edition of the Atlantic Dialogues, a high-level conference that has become a tradition since its launch in 2012 by its founding partners the German Marshall Fund of the United States and OCP Policy Center in Morocco. This annual conference convenes influential public and private sectors leaders from around the Atlantic Basin for open, informal discussion on cross-regional issues and also encourages intergenerational dialogue through its Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders program (ADEL).

Asserting an Atlantic vision and filling in the generational and perception gaps can only be reinforced when the next generation of leaders are given a seat at the table, to challenge the established perspectives and forward the conversations. To this end, the ADEL program fosters a unique network across generations, continents, and cultures, aimed at stimulating generational dialogue within the conference, and beyond, by building a large interconnected community of rising professionals in their respective fields. 

Every year, the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program brings together 40 to 50 young leaders, aged 23 to 35, from around the Atlantic basin and Africa, who have demonstrated leadership and initiative in their fields and who aim to shape the regional and global agenda in politics, finance, business, civil society, academia and the media. These rising leaders have displayed leadership capabilities, and have a strong sense of commitment to social and economic issues facing their communities in particular and the world in general.

This yearly program is held two days prior to the Atlantic Dialogues conference, and is a tailor-made policy immersion program that consists of structured group conversations with decision and opinion makers on key Atlantic development and cooperation issues, as well as informal meetings with innovative community leaders and think tank representatives. The ADELs join the Atlantic Dialogues Conference immediately after the program as full participants, and are presented with the unique opportunity to attend this high-level event, network with leading figures of the Atlantic Basin, and speak in different sessions as well as the final plenary dedicated to that specific year’s cohort. Initially, the aim of this program was to increase intergenerational dialogue within the conference itself, but this notion has been evolving throughout the years. 

Through discussions and debates with other fellow young leaders as well as with established policy, business and civil decision makers, the selected pace shapers will get the chance to broaden their knowledge, sharpen their skills, and network with the other members of this growing community.

The ADEL program, which started in 2012 with 35 emerging leaders, has grown to encompass about 292 brilliant young and dynamic leaders in 2018 as part of its community, all from different sectors, fields, regions, and backgrounds. Policy Center for the New South is looking to build a stronger sense of community between PCNS and the ADELs, as well as between the ADELs themselves, and to further tap into the potential of this ever-growing community of current and future leaders across the Atlantic Basin.