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The Young Professionals Network focuses on promoting a spirit of policy entrepreneurship, innovation, and global engagement. It strives to drive young leaders, with proven experience in leadership and with social or economic concern, to achieve their ambition and strengthen their skills, through discussions and debate with senior government, corporate and civic leaders.

These initiatives aim at bridging the generation gap, building a large interconnected community of leaders which will help strengthen Morocco’s global connections and actively engage the Moroccan Diaspora. It is also a platform gathering young leaders with different backgrounds and from different regions, to share their experiences and discuss their ideas and challenges.

As we are committed to give the next generation of leaders the opportunity to reinforce the potential of the southern Atlantic, we offer a range of networking initiatives for leaders from the business, government, and NGO sectors. Ultimately, our purpose is to create southern connections and build networks around contemporary development, business and other interregional shared issues.