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The Indians Were Selfish

Helmut Sorge | Posted : July 21, 2020

John Wayne was more than just a Hollywood actor. He was an icon, a symbol of the fearless pioneer, fighting Indians, advancing the settlers into unknown territory, always defeating, even humiliating the Indians—proud tribes such as the Sioux and Apache. John Wayne was also a staunch conservative and white supremacist, transferring his movie roles into political life.

Can the global recovery be sustained even as the pandemic rages?

Uri Dadush | Posted : July 20, 2020

This article was originally published on Bruegel.

The global economy is showing signs of recovery from the economic crisis caused by COVID-19, though the spread of the coronavirus is accelerating in some countries. In this circumstance, policymakers must weigh up the trade-offs involved in dealing with the pandemic while easing lock downs and sustaining economic activity. Differences in age structures, urbanisation rates and other factors will inform decision making in different countries.

The economic recovery from coronavirus may look like a square root

Otaviano Canuto | Posted : July 20, 2020

There are signs of recovery in various parts of the global economy, starting in May, after the depressive dip imposed by Covid-19. Such signs emerged after the easing of restrictions on mobility established to flatten out the pandemic curves, and also reflected policies of flattening the recession curve (income transfers to part of the population, credit lines to vulnerable companies and others).

L’européanisation de la présence française au Sahel : Emmanuel Macron veut capitaliser sur le Sommet de Pau

Youssef Tobi | Posted : July 10, 2020

Six mois après la remise en question de la présence française au Sahel et l’engagement pris pour accélérer les efforts de lutte contre le terrorisme dans la région, la France, principale puissance impliquée dans la région, rencontre ses partenaires africains pour un point d’étape et lance un message fort à la communauté internationale : là où la France s’engagera, l’Europe s’engagera aussi.

For Ambition Equal to our Moment of Multi-crisis Emergency: “Six Months” to Build a Global Investment Drive in Modern and Affordable Energy Systems

Iskander Erzini Vernoit | Posted : July 07, 2020

The sobering historical moment we are living through presents a chance to reflect and to renew our resolve to take action to save lives, improve livelihoods, and build resilience.

Revolution Leading to Victory

Helmut Sorge | Posted : July 03, 2020

The unshaven man, who did not let go of his Kalashnikoff while we talked, had been wounded in battles with Israeli troops, and was now hiding in the land that those troops had occupied—the Jordan Valley. Yasser Arafat, whom I met for the first time in the spring of 1968 at his secret base, was then still known as Abu Ammar, willing to sacrifice his life for the liberation of his people dispersed by around the world, particularly in neighboring Arab nations. The 1968 interview, Arafat’s first extensive one-to-one with a foreign publication, documented an optimistic leader of El-Fatah, 38 years old and certain of triumph. “I believe in our revolution and victory, and I am certain that we will recover our stolen land”, said Arafat, later honored with a Nobel Peace Prize for his struggles to achieve peace with Israel. “History is on our side”.

Le Grand Barrage de la Renaissance Éthiopienne : entre les pesanteurs de la souveraineté et les exigences du bon voisinage

Mohamed Loulichki | Posted : July 01, 2020

Sur fond d’accusations mutuelles d’absence de volonté politique pour faire aboutir les négociations tripartites impliquant l’Egypte, l’Ethiopie et le Soudan, sur la mise en service du “Grand Barrage de la Renaissance Éthiopienne”  (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam -GERD), l’Egypte et l’Ethiopie continuent d’alterner des signaux de provocation et d’apaisement.

Global Protectionism is Hurting Emerging Economies the Most

Datu Sadja Matthew Pajares Yngson | Posted : June 30, 2020

Unless trade wars end around the globe, the world is headed for the biggest recession in living memory. The crisis arising from the coronavirus will hit fragile economies in Africa, the Pacific, and the Caribbean the hardest. At such a time, the world should be dropping barriers but, instead, new barriers are being built.

All Options Are on the Table

Helmut Sorge | Posted : June 26, 2020

At the beginning of June, officers from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, usually active on America’s periphery, were deployed to Washington D.C., where President Donald Trump had sighted an internal threat posed by “anarchists, agitators, looters, or lowlifes”. In reality, American citizens were protesting, mostly peacefully, against police brutality, and the killings of African-Americans by cops.

La transition économique tunisienne à l’aune de la crise sanitaire de la Covid-19

Abdessalam Jaldi | Posted : June 26, 2020

La jeune démocratie tunisienne a réussi le double pari de juguler la propagation de la pandémie de la Covid-19, tout en s’érigeant en un modèle régional de gestion de la crise sanitaire. Désormais, le pays doit remédier aux chocs économiques engendrés par la pandémie et pourrait connaitre la pire récession de son histoire. Dans cette tempête annoncée, l’accélération de la transition économique s’avère nécessaire, non seulement pour refonder le système économique, mais aussi pour préserver le régime démocratique tunisien.