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ADEL Portrait: Ana Paula Barreto, Director of Programs at AfroResistance

Sabine Cessou | Posted : September 22, 2020

« Passionate, Black, visionary »

Ana Paula Barreto talks about serious matters with great calm, taking time to reflect before answering questions, from New York. Born in Jardim Angela, a poor area of São Paulo, considered as the most dangerous neighbourhood in the world by the United Nations in 1996, she remembers the violence of the favelas. She doesn’t want to reduce her childhood « in a joyful family » to « the ugly », but one of her strongest memories is seeing the bodies of people murdered during the week-end, on her way to school on Monday mornings. At a young age, Ana Paula Barreto realized that her « community was lacking the conditions and opportunities to have a dignified life ». She decided that she would be an « agent of change,  promoting social and racial justice ». In one of the most unequal societies in the world, she reminds that « 54 % of the population is of African descent, but we are very invisible in decision-making circles, universities and politics ».

ADEL Portrait: Kheston Walkins, CEO and Chief of Neuroinnovation Officer of Allegori

Sabine Cessou | Posted : September 16, 2020

“Fathom the incredible, create the crazy”

His warmth comes as naturally as his strong sense of empathy, obvious from the first encounter. No coincidence there: since his childhood, Kheston Walkins has a “fascination with the human brain” and its infinite possibilities. He spent time reading Encyclopedias and dictionaries when he was a child, rather than novels and history books. His mother, a teacher, “exchanged her sleep for our survival”, he says about his family, which has no scientific background.

Not a Good Loser

Helmut Sorge | Posted : September 16, 2020

If America votes Donald Trump out of office in November, will he go? Just a few days ago (Sept. 13), one of Trump’s closest political friends, Roger Stone, publicly suggested to the President that if the votes should go against him, he should alert the military, ready to defend his power, and arrest opponents including the Clintons or Microsoft boss Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame. Stone was sentenced in February 2020 to 40 months in jail for witness tampering, making false statements and obstruction, but Trump pardoned his buddy, and to thank his savior Stone now pushes Trump to call martial law. It seems unthinkable but the President has declared repeatedly in public that he might not accept the result of the November 3 election. Trump has argued that only fraud, the manipulation of votes sent by mail, could result in his loss.

Don’t Expect Miracles from the Multilaterals

Otaviano Canuto | Posted : September 11, 2020

Latin American and Caribbean economies need help, but organizations like the IDB are also stretched thin.

First appeared at Americas Quarterly

With Latin America and the Caribbean potentially facing years of difficulties due to the pandemic and related economic crises, attention has shifted to what multilateral institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) might do to help. There’s no doubt they can play a crucial role in preventing another lost decade in the region. But these institutions will also face limitations because of capital constraints and other factors. 

L’urbanisme numérique au Maroc tiendra-t-il ses promesses ?

Mostafa Kheireddine | Posted : September 04, 2020

L’action publique urbaine dans le monde connait une métamorphose grâce à la montée en puissance du numérique dans la production et la gestion de la ville. Si le Maroc a franchi des étapes importantes dans la dématérialisation de certains services publics (impôts, cadastre, marchés publics, etc.), en revanche, d’autres secteurs peinent à suivre la même voie au moment où l’actuelle crise sanitaire de la Covid-19  vient rappeler l’urgence de la structuration de l’écosystème digital et la promotion de l’administration numérique. Ce sont les missions premières de l’Agence de développement du digital, créée en 2017, dans l’objectif de mettre en œuvre la stratégie de l’Etat en matière de développement de l’administration en ligne et de promouvoir la diffusion des outils numériques. D’ailleurs, la Cour des Comptes a relevé le retard du pays en la matière dans son rapport de 2018, en précisant que ‘’le Maroc s’est classé 78ème dans l’indice des services en ligne et 110ème dans l’indice de l’e-gouvernement’’.

Anthem Protest

Helmut Sorge | Posted : August 24, 2020

During the medal ceremony at the Olympic Stadium in Mexico City on October 16, 1968, two Black American athletes, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, each raised a gloved fist during the playing of the U.S. national anthem. The two Americans received their medals shoeless, but wearing black socks to represent black poverty. Smith wore a black scarf around his neck to present black pride. Carlos, who won a bronze medal, wore a necklace of beads, which he said “were for those individuals that were lynched or killed and that no-one said a prayer for, that were hung and tarred. It was for those thrown of the side of the boats in the Middle Passage”.

A Shadow Over the Generous Spending

Helmut Sorge | Posted : August 11, 2020

Possibly Roger Federer would have been ready to play the match against the socialite, who was willing to pay (in 2014) £160,000 for a celebrity match of tennis. But Russian tennis fan Lubov Chernukhin, 48, chose two different partners to be her opponents: David Cameron, then British prime minister, and Boris Johnson, then mayor of London. Chernukhin, who settled in Britain in 2003 and is a British passport holder, like her husband Vladimir, 50, a former Russian deputy finance minister and former chairman of the Russian state bank Vnesekonom, played her British opponents after an auction to benefit the Conservative Party. Mrs Chernukhin never really made a secret out of her interest in really getting to know the power players of Her Majesty’s government: in 2019, the Russian dished out £135,000 for a dinner with prime minister Theresa May and six of her female cabinet ministers at the Goring Hotel in plush Belgravia. The year before, she paid £35,000 at a Conservative Party fund-raising auction to have a private dinner with the then secretary of state for defense, Gavin Williamson. Since 2012, the Russian-born lady has given the Conservative Party £1,765,804, the highest female donor in the party’s history.

Global imbalances, coronavirus, and safe assets

Otaviano Canuto | Posted : August 10, 2020

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) released, on August 4th, its ninth annual External Sector Report, where current account imbalances and asset-liability stocks of 30 systemically large economies are approached. This time the report went beyond looking the previous year and tried to anticipate what will be some of the impacts of the still on-going COVID-19 crisis.

Qui a tué le Liban ?

Akram Zaoui | Posted : August 06, 2020

Il y a, d’abord, les premières images. Celles d’une gigantesque déflagration. Même les dizaines de déflagrations, dont nous parviennent régulièrement les clichés ou les films, et qui ont embrasé, ces dernières années, le Moyen-Orient, ne nous ont pas habitués à des images de cette violence.

It’s Pretty Tough Walking a Tightrope

Helmut Sorge | Posted : August 03, 2020

It was notthe way you would expect a scientist to be celebrated. InStyle, an American fashion magazine showed on its cover Anthony Fauci, America’s frontline warrior against the COVID-19 virus. Fauci has been director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, and has been honored by presidents since Ronald Reagan, battling against HIV/Aids, SARS, swine flu, MERS, and Ebola. He is, BBC News stated, “the face of America’s fight against COVID-19”. The virologist, wrote online magazine The Daily Beast (July 16), has spent most of this year as an avuncular figurehead for many Americans desperate for facts and dealing with a truth-adverse administration. InStyle portrayed him sitting by a pool, button-down shirt, dark sunglasses, relaxed, a touch of Hollywood—without face mask though. “Whatever Fauci may lack in outright glamour, he makes up in ubiquity”, observed the Daily Beast. “For much of 2020, his celebrity remains unparalleled … Without trying—only by showing up to work and sharing facts—Dr Fauci has reached the type of all-out idolization Trump so desperately craves”.