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Latin America Is Not Benefiting from the U.S.-China Trade War

Otaviano Canuto | Posted : September 30, 2019


Despite some short-term benefits, trade deviation to the region shouldn’t be expected to last.
Has the U.S. trade war with China been good for Latin America?
An increase in Chinese demand for primary products from the region, as well as recent news of production transfers from China to Mexico, might give the impression that it has.
But any positive short-term effects of the confrontation should also take into account its negative medium- and long-term impacts on the region and on global growth. And the fact is that the overall trade and GDP destruction effects of trade wars tend to outweigh gains from shifts in trade activity.

Le modèle marocain de l’énergie solaire pourrait profiter à d’autres pays africains

Helmut Sorge , Rim Berahab | Posted : September 26, 2019


Interviewée par Helmut Sorge, chroniqueur au PCNS, Rim Berahab, économiste spécialiste de l’énergie décortique dans son papier, les liens existant entre les énergies renouvelables en Afrique et les opportunités de croissance économique.

The Strongest Political Force in Italy

Helmut Sorge | Posted : September 23, 2019


To lessen the burden for countries like Malta and Italy, which receive most migrants daring to sail from Libya to Europe on unsafe boats, Germany recently agreed to accept 25 percent of migrants saved by rescue boats, trying to develop with EU countries like France, Romania or Ireland a voluntary distribution sharing plan in the coming weeks.

The Trouble With Gulf Patrols

Joseph Hammond | Posted : September 17, 2019


The author is an alumnus of theAtlantic Dialogues Emeging Leaders Program 2018.

In the strategic waters near the straights of Hormuz in many ways such it’s the 1980s all over again. Recent mine attacks on maritime traffic and the capture of multiple vessels by Iran harks back to the so-called “Tanker War.”

Fire is legend

Helmut Sorge | Posted : September 11, 2019


The power of fire is a legend, a myth. Reality. The Combustion Triangle-heat, fuel, oxidizing agent. Its importance to   civilization debated by philosophers in ancient Athens, tempting Prometheus to steal fire from the Gods to protect the otherwise helpless humans. Fire is part of life, as is the sun, fire consumed cities in war and San Francisco after an earthquake or just burned to glorify the spirits, provoking fear, the devil, ghosts, and the desperate in poverty, burn baby, burn. The earth consumed by fire. Yesterday, tomorrow. Life reduced to ashes. Death. Mentioned in the bible “Mount Sinai was covered with smoke because the LORD descended on it in fire; the smoke billowed up from it like smoke from a furnace, and the whole mountain trembled violently” (Exodus 19:18). Fire is part of history, ever since Nero, the emperor, was accused to have fiddled while Rome was burning.


Youth South-South Cooperation Across Boundaries to Build a Youthful Peace

Leonardo Parraga | Posted : September 05, 2019


Leonardo Parraga is an alumnus of the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program 2016. 

The rise of globalization has given space to cooperation across borders in unprecedented ways. The interconnectedness between different actors allows for the creation of synergies and catalyzing progress in different areas, a feature that was previously unthinkable. When it comes to cooperation amongst young people, the increasing wave of meeting spaces facilitating the encounters between youth from Africa, Latin America, and Asia has created new bridges and channels for cooperation.

Get Africa Involved: Morocco’s Lead in the Management of Immigration

Amal El Ouassif | Posted : August 30, 2019


The global migration problem cannot be wished away; it has to be managed. Morocco provides an example of how responsibility for migration management can be handled by African states.

“A group of people roughly the size of a decent football crowd”

Helmut Sorge | Posted : August 30, 2019


The bells of Big Ben are silent. No toll, no sound, for two years of restoration. Big Ben is a symbol of British parliament and democracy –the Palace of Westminster. The bells may not toll, but the clock is ticking, running forward above the heads of  Britain’s parliamentarians, who are facing history and turmoil and even the dispersing of their parties, in power for centuries. Time is running out. The no deal Brexit, possible on October 31, is creeping up on the United Kingdom like an alien monster with an insectoid head, reversed legs and floppy arms made in Hollywood. Brexit creates fear, because Brexit, particularly a no deal Brexit , will ,most likely, cause disruptions in Europe, the UK, and ,yes, in countries around the world.

Fed Monetary Policy, Inverted Yield Curve and Outlook for US and Global Economy

Satyandra Nayak , Otaviano Canuto | Posted : August 27, 2019


Since the Fed’s July meeting, when the Fed Funds Rate had a 0.25% cut, fears about the impact of the US-China trade war on the global economy have escalated. The US yield curve inversion received much attention as a harbinger of a slowdown in the global and US economic outlooks. We approach here whether lights on next monetary policy events can be obtained from reading the minutes of the Fed’s meeting – and of the July meeting of the ECB governing council – released this week.

Les instruments de Bretton Woods en mode de retrait contraint

Mohammed Germouni | Posted : August 26, 2019


La création d’instruments financiers à la Conférence de Bretton Woods, à la fin de la Seconde  Guerre mondiale, était une nouveauté pour l’époque et avait sonné la fin du chacun pour soi « monétaire », en jetant les bases d’un système de changes fixes mais ajustables reconnaissant, cependant, et dès le départ, la primauté du dollar de la nouvelle grande puissance.