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The Global Economy and China: the view from a mountain top

Uri Dadush | Posted : January 30, 2015

“In my view, China’s very high rates of saving and of investment in infrastructure, plant and equipment, Rand D, and human capital should be seen more as a source of strength, than of weakness. There has, of course, been overinvestment in some sectors, such as heavy industry and housing in some regions, but China’s GDP and infrastructure stock per capita is still just a fraction of that of the most advanced countries, and the country’s potential to catch-up remains largely unexploited.” Uri Dadush.

La chute des prix de l’énergie: Causes, conséquences et implications pour le Maroc

Abdelaaziz Ait Ali | Posted : January 26, 2015

OCP Policy Center vient de rendre public le 10 janvier son premier Policy Brief de l’année 2015, qui traite de la question de la baisse significative des prix des produits pétroliers, ses causes, et ses conséquences macroéconomiques pour les producteurs et les consommateurs de ce produit. 

Maroc: Stratégie de croissance à l'horizon 2025 dans un environnement international en mutation

Pierre-Richard Agénor, Karim El Aynaoui | Posted : January 24, 2015

OCP Policy Center est ravi de recueillir vos commentaires et d’engager la discussion autour de la publication de son dernier livre sur la stratégie de croissance du Maroc à l’horizon 2025 dans un environnement international en mutation, co-écrit par Pierre Richard Agénor et Karim El Aynaoui.

Battling Global Unemployment: Too Soon to Declare Victory

Prakash Loungani | Posted : January 24, 2015

Seven years after the onset of the Great Recession, the global unemployment rate has returned to its pre-crisis level: the jobless rate fell to 5.6% in 2014; essentially the same as in 2007, the year before the recession.

A Better Year Ahead ?

Uri Dadush | Posted : January 23, 2015

The year just ending disappointed economic forecasters, as did the year prior, and the one before that. The aftereffects of the Lehman crisis, now over six years old, and of the subsequent sovereign crisis in Europe, have been systematically underestimated and continue to plague us.