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Neither Demonic Tyranny Nor Heroic Workers Paradise

Helmut Sorge | Posted : April 16, 2019

So much hope: Expectations, anticipation, and promises. So many emotions: Excitement, sentiment, and joy. Mild winds caressing leaves of palm trees, moving in the stimulating rhythm of rumba, possibly salsa. The dancing bodies in harmony with the Caribbean mood. Happiness despite misery. Laughter overwhelming fear. Barack Obama visiting Cuba. Rain and tears unite, pomp unmatched by the Pope visiting the island some years earlier, enthusiasm pure. An Afro-American President is willing to end the Cold War.

The Rise of Right Wing Populism in Europe : the case of Spain

Aleksandra Chmielewska | Posted : April 15, 2019

The author is an alumna of the 2018 Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders program

The success of a Spanish far right party, Vox, wining 12 seats as a result of the regional elections in Andalucía, made the headlines in December 2018. The triumph of Vox was even more remarkable, as the party has gained 395.879 votes, in comparison to 18.017 received in 2015 elections. Marie Le Pen and Geert Wilders, leaders of other European far right parties rushed to congratulate Santiago Abascal, one of the founder and current leader of Vox. Since the end of dictatorship of Franco in 1975, far right political parties and movements did not have a significant public support. What has therefore led to such an exponential growth?

“A Dangerous Global Power Struggle”

Helmut Sorge | Posted : April 02, 2019

Donald Trump finally has met a strongman he does not like. After making friends with authoritarian figures around the world, in Beijing, Budapest and Moscow, Ankara, Riyadh, Cairo and Manila or Jerusalem .He even fell in love with Kim Jong un, the dictator in North Korea, who’ s self righteousness borders the pathological narcissism of Donald Trump, who doesn’t mind that his love had his uncle executed and his brother poisoned. Trump is not wavering in the defense of Mohamed bin Salman , the crown prince of Saudi Arabia either, who has been accused that he at least tolerated the murder of the “Washington Post” columnist Jamal Kashoggi. Trump just said about the accusations :” May be he did, may be he didn’t.”. The CIA, his spies, came to a different conclusion? So what ? The President did not answer Congress about his knowledge of the case, as he is obliged by law. End of story.

Djibouti, au centre des jeux d’influence

Sara Mokaddem | Posted : March 11, 2019

Indépendant depuis seulement 1977, Djibouti, jeune République de moins d'un million d'habitants, s’est transformé en un acteur régional doté d’un poids stratégique et commercial considérable.

Bordé par l’Érythrée, au Nord, par l’Ethiopie, à l’Ouest, et par la Somalie, au Sud-est, sa frontière maritime orientale jouxte la mer Rouge et le golfe d’Aden. Ainsi, situé sur le détroit de Bab el Mandeb, d’une largeur de seulement 19km, Djibouti offre un positionnement privilégié afin d’observer et de sécuriser ce quatrième plus important passage maritime pour l’approvisionnement énergétique mondial, principalement celui de la Chine. La récente expansion chinoise dans cette porte de l’Afrique, tant au niveau économique que militaire, constitue un signe annonciateur d’un nouvel ordre mondial, pouvant faire de Djibouti un point de conflit majeur dans une nouvelle course des puissances pour le continent.

Le mouvement des gilets jaunes : « Un printemps Français » ?

Helmut Sorge , Jean Zaganiaris | Posted : March 04, 2019

« Blocages », « Crise politique », « émeutes », « révolution ». Jean-Luc Mélenchon, le député du parti La France insoumise, a parlé « d’une insurrection citoyenne » à propos des gilets jaunes. Comment peut-on définir, aujourd’hui, les auteurs de ce mouvement qui occupent les espaces publics ? Menacent-ils la démocratie ? Sont-ils aussi inédits que le prétendent la plupart des commentateurs ? Quelles seront les conséquences de ces manifestations sur la scène internationale ?

Helmut Sorge, auteur et ancien correspondant à la Maison Blanche, et Jean Zaganiaris, enseignant chercheur à l’EGE Rabat, UM6P, débattent de ce sujet d’actualité. Le premier a vécu les événements de Mai 68, en France, le second a publié des chroniques sur le mouvement des gilets jaunes et se trouvait régulièrement en France entre le 17 novembre 2018 et fin janvier 2019.

L’ordre international se joue au Sud

Youssef Tobi | Posted : February 28, 2019

Le Caire semble avoir les moyens de ses ambitions. A la tête de l’Union africaine, depuis le 10 février 2019, dans le cadre de la présidence tournante de l’Organisation panafricaine, impliquée dans les- grandes questions régionales, et forte de la confiance d’alliés puissants, l’Egypte reprend un leadership dans la région, longtemps souhaité.

How Civil Society at Davos is making sure no one gets left behind

Lisa Ventura , Acting Head of Civil Society Communities, World Economic Forum | Posted : February 26, 2019

In 2019, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos convened under the theme of “Globalization 4.0”, highlighting the need for a renewed global governance system that will leave no one behind. The perspectives of civil society were crucial to make the meeting meaningful and inclusive. My role as Acting Head of Civil Society Communities is to ensure leaders from NGOs, unions, faith-based organizations and religious groups leverage the Forum platform to advocate for sustainable and diverse societies and strengthen their role in public-private cooperation as well as come prepared with a crisp message to highlight societal issues on the global agenda.

“It Is Unlikely That North Korea Will Give Up Its Nuclear Weapons”

Helmut Sorge | Posted : February 21, 2019

They just seemed like dragonflies, oversized species, menacing and reassuring at the same time. The rotor blades of the helicopters were reflecting the rays of the sun, unusually hot at these early morning hours. Graham Martin, the grey-haired US ambassador, was hurrying by foot to his residence a couple hundred yards away. He needed to get his black poodle, Nitnoy, and his suitcase. Washington had ordered the total evacuation of Saigon; the “Operation Frequent Wind” would try to save all remaining American citizens and some thousand allies, former generals, colonels, and CIA operatives. Leaving the soldiers, the hundreds of thousands of loyal allies, to be executed or forced to repent in Communist reeducation camps. The ambassador, “code two,” would be flown off the helipad, located on top of his six-floor embassy on Gia Long Street. The evacuation of Saigon was nothing less than the escape from surrender. North Vietnamese troops were encircling the capital of South Vietnam, Vietcong guerrillas already had infiltrated the town. The runway of Tan Son Nhat airport was destroyed. During the last hours, which ended 12 years of war, another four marines were KIA (Killed In Action) bringing the total loss of US troops to 56 559.

As Nigeria goes to the polls

Ibraheem Sanusi | Posted : February 14, 2019

The author of this blog, Ibraheem Sanusi, is an alumnus of the 2018 Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders program.

Over 84 million Nigerians are expected to participate in the upcoming general elections, the fifth election since the country returned to democratic rule in 1999. The Presidential and National Assembly as well as the Governorship and State Houses of Assembly elections scheduled for the 16th of  February and the 2nd of March respectively, have attracted 23,316 candidates eyeing the 1,558 legislative seats and executive offices. By far, the spotlight is on the Presidential contest of 73 candidates as announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Nigeria’s Electoral Management body. Nonetheless, based on Nigeria’s Federal System, keen Governorship contests will be expected in about 30 States across the country. 

Absurd Brexit (Part 2)

Helmut Sorge | Posted : February 07, 2019

If you haven't read Part 1, click here.

Stand By For the Maintenance of Public Order

Michael Ryan, chairman of the Independent Film and TV Alliance considers Brexit “a major blow to the UK film and TV industry,” since European funds, between 2007 and 2015 nearly 145 million dollars, will not be available anymore. The Sadler’s Wells Theatre, a major classical dance house in London, received, over the past five years, about 550 000 dollars from Brussels, money used for collaborative projects that involve cross European relations, deplored Alistair Spalding, the artistic director—no more ! On January 25, the EU Medicines Agency, since 1995 in the capital, lowered the 28 EU flags, transferring its 900 employers to the Netherlands. The government has already identified several sites around the country that could be used for storage of huge amounts of food. In case of a no deal, which would mean the UK crashing out of the Union, citizens may be asked to change their eating habits to avoid food shortages. Tens of thousands of soldiers are to be called on standby to maintain public order.