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Hong Kong: A Combat for a Soul and Identity

Helmut Sorge | Posted : October 04, 2019


Massive and sometimes violent protests have been setting the pace in Hong Kong for over 100 days. Demonstrators have put forward five demands, amongst which a democratic system of local rule, not controlled by Beijing.  Below is an international press review of the Hong Kong political crisis by Helmut Sorge, former Foreign editor, and Middle East expert for Germany's leading newsmagazine "Der Spiegel", and columnist at the Policy Center for the New South.   

China at 70

Marcus Vinicius De Freitas | Posted : October 03, 2019


There is no doubt that China's 70th Anniversary celebration was the display of a new world superpower. From the military parade to the issuance of a paper reporting China's role in the New Era, it is clear that the country, whose current political system was established on 1 October 1949, is much different, more assertive and with a clear perspective of the role it wants to play in the international scenario. Everywhere in Beijing, the Chinese National Anthem was played, reminding the Chinese to: "Arise, ye who refuse to be slaves; with our very flesh and blood, Let us build our new Great Wall!"

India and Morocco’s New Cooperation Areas: Focusing on Security and Preventing Violent Extremism

Ihssane Guennoun | Posted : October 02, 2019


With India looking more towards Africa as a home for sustainable partners, it is also looking at diversifying the areas of collaboration with several African countries, especially with Morocco. As early as 1967, India’s then Vice-President Zakir Hussain visited Morocco and set the tone for engagement between both countries. The latter has established diplomatic relations based on mutual understanding, tolerance and respect. Since then, the two countries have enjoyed fruitful relations that materialized in various sectors.

Le modèle marocain de l’énergie solaire pourrait profiter à d’autres pays africains

Helmut Sorge , Rim Berahab | Posted : September 26, 2019


Interviewée par Helmut Sorge, chroniqueur au PCNS, Rim Berahab, économiste spécialiste de l’énergie décortique dans son papier, les liens existant entre les énergies renouvelables en Afrique et les opportunités de croissance économique.

The Strongest Political Force in Italy

Helmut Sorge | Posted : September 23, 2019


To lessen the burden for countries like Malta and Italy, which receive most migrants daring to sail from Libya to Europe on unsafe boats, Germany recently agreed to accept 25 percent of migrants saved by rescue boats, trying to develop with EU countries like France, Romania or Ireland a voluntary distribution sharing plan in the coming weeks.

Fire is legend

Helmut Sorge | Posted : September 11, 2019


The power of fire is a legend, a myth. Reality. The Combustion Triangle-heat, fuel, oxidizing agent. Its importance to   civilization debated by philosophers in ancient Athens, tempting Prometheus to steal fire from the Gods to protect the otherwise helpless humans. Fire is part of life, as is the sun, fire consumed cities in war and San Francisco after an earthquake or just burned to glorify the spirits, provoking fear, the devil, ghosts, and the desperate in poverty, burn baby, burn. The earth consumed by fire. Yesterday, tomorrow. Life reduced to ashes. Death. Mentioned in the bible “Mount Sinai was covered with smoke because the LORD descended on it in fire; the smoke billowed up from it like smoke from a furnace, and the whole mountain trembled violently” (Exodus 19:18). Fire is part of history, ever since Nero, the emperor, was accused to have fiddled while Rome was burning.


“A group of people roughly the size of a decent football crowd”

Helmut Sorge | Posted : August 30, 2019


The bells of Big Ben are silent. No toll, no sound, for two years of restoration. Big Ben is a symbol of British parliament and democracy –the Palace of Westminster. The bells may not toll, but the clock is ticking, running forward above the heads of  Britain’s parliamentarians, who are facing history and turmoil and even the dispersing of their parties, in power for centuries. Time is running out. The no deal Brexit, possible on October 31, is creeping up on the United Kingdom like an alien monster with an insectoid head, reversed legs and floppy arms made in Hollywood. Brexit creates fear, because Brexit, particularly a no deal Brexit , will ,most likely, cause disruptions in Europe, the UK, and ,yes, in countries around the world.

Trump's Backfiring Trade Policy

Uri Dadush; Laurence Kotlikoff | Posted : August 15, 2019

Thirty months into President Trump's radical trade policy, it is time to take stock. American firms tend to give the President the benefit of the doubt - that the aim is not protection (which most don't want) but opening up markets overseas, striking better trade deals, and reducing the nation's big trade deficit. So far, however, none of this has happened. Instead, there is virulent uncertainty, barriers against American firms are going up, Europe, Japan and China have struck important deals with their trading partners, and the WTO, on which American firms depend for MFN treatment is at risk of collapse.

Europe-Afrique : It’s A Match !

Mahaut de Fougières | Posted : August 06, 2019


L'auteur est une alumni du programme des Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders.

Seuls 14 kilomètres séparent les continents africain et européen. C'est un fait: nous sommes voisins ! Outre cette proximité géographique, l’Europe et l’Afrique sont liées par une histoire commune, des relations économiques, des échanges diplomatiques et de nombreux défis communs. Une véritable communauté de destin qui appelle à un partenariat fort, alors que l’Accord de Cotonou, qui régit les relations politiques, économiques et financières entre l’Union européenne et 48 pays d’Afrique subsaharienne, arrive à expiration en février 2020. Se pose, ainsi, aux deux continents la question du partenariat qu’ils souhaitent définir entre eux pour les 20 prochaines années, et du niveau d’ambition de celui-ci. C’est le sens des 12 propositions formulées par l’Institut Montaigne dans son rapport publié en juin dernier, intitulé Europe-Afrique : partenaires particuliers

Space war: From the moon towards infinity

Helmut Sorge | Posted : August 05, 2019


The moon and space exploration are tempting more nations than ever. Global powers are preparing for possible space war. The visions of science fiction writers are approaching reality…