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Emmanuel Pinto Moreira

Title: Senior Fellow

Area of expertise: Fiscal policy ; Development economics ; MENA region ; Macroeconomics ; International Trade

Bouchra  Rahmouni

Title: Senior Fellow

Area of expertise: Social Entrepreneurship, New Development Models.

El Mostafa Rezrazi

Title: Senior Fellow

Area of expertise: Terrorism, Security, East Asia studies.

Abdallah Saaf

Title: Senior Fellow

Area of expertise: political science, international relations, policies and development strategies, public policies, Morocco.

Hamza  Saoudi

Title: Economist, Policy Center for the New South

Area of expertise: International macroeconomics, development economics

Matsumoto Shoji

Title: Senior Fellow

Area of expertise: International Law, State Responsibility, Separatism

Landry Signé

Title: Senior Non-Resident Fellow

Area of expertise: Emerging Markets, African Economies, Governance, Management of Natural Resources.

Helmut Sorge

Title: Columnist

Area of expertise: Middle East conflict, European affairs, migration, American Foreign Policy, Security and terrorism

Youssef Tobi

Title: International Relations Specialist, Policy Center for the New South

Area of expertise: Maghreb Region, Political Transition.

Isabelle Tsakok

Title: Senior Fellow

Area of expertise: Rural development, agricultural economics, policy analysis, food security, poverty reduction