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Rabi H. Mohtar

Title: Senior Fellow

Area of expertise: Civil and Biological/Agricultural Engineering, Environmental and Ecological Engineering, Water-Energy-Food Nexus, Water Security and Climate Change

Aomar Ibourk

Title: Senior Fellow

Area of expertise: Applied econometrics, labor market, economics of education, development economics

Len Ishmael

Title: Senior Fellow

Area of expertise: Development planning, development economics, law and diplomacy, EU-Africa relations, political and corporate diplomacy

Larabi Jaïdi

Title: Senior Fellow

Area of expertise: International Economy, Social Development, International Relations, Mediteranean Studies.

Abdessalam Saad JALDI

Title: International Relations Specialist

Area of expertise: International Law, International Relation and Democracy-building

Yves Jégourel

Title: Senior Fellow

Area of expertise: International finance, international economics

Kidane Kiros

Title: Senior Fellow

Area of expertise: Academia, security studies, development studies, Africa, international organizations

Moubarack Lo

Title: Senior Visiting Fellow

Area of expertise: Economic Growth & Development, Applied Statistics.

Mohammed  Loulichki

Title: Senior Fellow

Area of expertise: Diplomacy, conflicts resolution, Human rights. 

Prakash Loungani

Title: Senior Visiting Fellow

Area of expertise: Labour Markets, Macroeconomics, Energy