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Saad Badaoui

Title: Senior Data Scientist

Related programs: Geopolitics and International Relations, Long Term Development

Area of expertise: Data Sciences, Social Sciences and Finance

Saad BADAOUI is a Senior Data Scientist at the Policy Center for the New South. He has a PhD in Applied Data Sciences and Financial Mathematics from Imperial College London where he published his papers in leading three stars academic journals. He has a combined experience of more than 12 years working on diverse analytical problems both in academia and the industry.

Saad was a Senior Quantitative Index Analyst at a start-up where he designed and constructed indexes for large financial institutions in Wall street, he then led a team of junior researchers at Fidelity Investments where he worked on various data analytics problems using machine learning and statistics. Before joining the Policy Center for The New South, he was Head of Research at BlackRock where he was responsible for developing, coordinating and driving the research agenda for the EMEA region. Saad is passionate about data sciences and believes that if we can’t measure a problem with data then we can’t improve it.